1. to appeal
    to be found interesting and attractive
  2. to besotted/madly in love with sb
    to be absolutely in love
  3. to go off sth/sb
    to stop liking sth/sb that you used to like
  4. to hate the sight of
    to really hate
  5. to have a soft spot for sb
    to have a special liking for sb
  6. to have no time for sb
    dislike and have no respect for sb
  7. not to overly keen on sth
    to dislike
  8. to object to sth
    to dislike sth and feel angry about it
  9. to be partial to sth
    to like (esp. about food)
  10. to take an instant dislike to sb
    to dislike sb the moment you meet them
  11. to take a shine to sb
    inf. to begin to sb very quickly
  12. to take to sb/sth
    like sb/sth
  13. not to think much of sb/sth
    not to think sth/sb is very good
  14. to think the world of sb
    to like. respect and admire sb
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advanced grammar and vocabulary