1. St John's Wort
    • Depression
    • Infection
    • Wound healing
  2. Chamomile
    GI problems
  3. Gingko Biloba
    • Circulation
    • Alzheimers (memory)
    • Heart Disease
  4. For who is Gingko Biloba contraindicated?
  5. Echinacea
    • Allergies
    • Wound Healing
    • URI
  6. When is accupuncture contraindicated?
    • Bleeding disorders
    • Infection
  7. What does Ginger interact with?
  8. Ephedra is contraindicated in which patients?
    Hypertensive patients
  9. Ginseng
    • Increase physical endurance
    • Increase resistence to stress
  10. Acupuncture
    is the procedure of inserting and manipulating needles into various points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes
  11. What is Accupressure?
    An ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities
  12. Transduction
    Process that begins in the periphery when a pain-producing stimulus sends an impulse across a peripheral nerve fiber
  13. Feldenkrais Method
    Alternative therapy based on establishment of good self image through awareness and correction of body movements
  14. Define Complimentary Therapy
    Therapies used in addition to conventional treatment recommended by the person's health care provider
  15. Which clients should therapeutic touch be used for?
    • Headaches
    • Psych patients
    • Pregnant
    • Premature Babies
  16. Define Alternative Therapy
    Any of the systems of medical diagnosis and treatment differing in technique from that of the allopathic practitioner's use of drugs and surgery to treat disease and injury.
  17. Pain threshold
    The point at which a person feels pain
  18. Pain Tolerance
    The level of pain that a person is willing to put up with.
  19. Modulation
    The inhibition of the pain impulse
  20. Perception
    The point at which the person is aware of pain
  21. Neuromodulators
    • Body natural supply of morphine like substances
    • Activated by stress
  22. Endorphins
    The hormone that acts on the mind like morphine and opiates, producing a sense of well being and reducing pain.
  23. Sertonin
    Inhibits pain transmission
  24. Prostaglandins
    • Increase sensitivity to pain
    • Excitatory neurotransmitter
  25. Bradykinin Scale
    • Excitatory Neurotransmitter
    • Binds to receptors on peripheral nerves
    • Increasing pain stimuli
  26. Chiropractic Medicine
    Therapy that involes manipulation of spinal column and includes physiotherapy and diet therapy
  27. Tai-Chi
    Techniques that incorporates breath, movement, and mediation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate vital life energy
  28. Which patients should use tai chi?
    • Arthritis
    • Joint problems
  29. Massage Therapy
    Manipulation of soft tissue to increase circulation and improve muscle tone and relaxation
  30. Simple touch
    Touching the client in appropriate and gentle ways to make connection, display acceptance, and give appreciation
  31. Braden Scale
    • 6 subscales:
    • Sensory perception
    • Moisture
    • Activity
    • Nutrition
    • Friction
    • Shear
  32. Range of the braden scale
    • 6-23
    • lower=higher risk for pressure ulcers
  33. Norton Scale
    • Score 5 risk factors:
    • Physical condition
    • Mental condition
    • Activity
    • Mobility
    • Incontinence
  34. Range of Norton scale
    • 5-20
    • lower = high risk of pressure ulcer development
  35. Stage I Ulcer
    • Red
    • Intact skin
    • Nonblanchable
  36. Stage II Ulcer
    • Partial thickness skin loss
    • Both layers
    • Blister
  37. Stage III Ulcer
    • Full thickness tissue loss
    • Subcutaneous tissue showing
  38. Stage IV Ulcer
    • Full-thickness tissue loss
    • Exposed bone, tenson, muscle
    • Slough and eschar present
  39. Granulation
    Soft, pink, fleshy projections of tissue that form during the healing process in a wound that is not healing by primary intention.
  40. Mongolian spot look like but are not what?
    Pressure Ulcers
  41. How to prevent pressure ulcers
    Rotate patient every 2 hours
  42. Types of dietary supplements are not FDA approved?
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Herbs
  43. Therapeutic Touch
    • Use of the hands to provide comfort to the client
    • Touch can communicate caring and thus help clients relax
  44. Relaxation Therapy
    • Decrease conumption of O2
    • Decrease HR
    • Decrease respirations
  45. Which patient should use relaxation therapy?
    • Stress
    • Gives control over their lives
  46. Main focus ofTraditional Chinese medicine?
    Ying Yang
  47. Meditation And Breathing
    • Self-directed activity that limits stimulus input by directing attention to a single unchanging or repetitive stimulus.
    • Positioning
    • Environment
    • Temperature
  48. Vegan macrobiotic diets consist of?
    • Whole grain
    • Vegetable
    • Fish
  49. Western medicine focuses on what?
    Physical Illness
  50. Alternative chinese Therapy
    • Incorporates
    • mind
    • body
    • spirit
    • Accupuncture
    • pressure
  51. Reason people choose alternative therapies?
    Because western medicine doesn't work for them
  52. Best way to get update on alternative medicine?
    • Books
    • Article
    • Magazines
  53. Best way to teach child about painful procedure?
    Role Play
  54. Objective pain is rated how?
    1-10 pain scale
  55. How often do you check VS for patient with Epidural analgesia?
    Every 15 minutes
  56. Describe Serous fluid?
    • Clear
    • Watery plasma
  57. Describe Purulent fluid?
    • Thick
    • Yellow, Green, Tan, Brown
  58. Describe sersanguineous fluid?
    • Pale, red, watery
    • Mixture of clear and red fluid
  59. Describe Sanguineous fluid?
    • Bright red
    • Indicates active bleeding
  60. Main intervention to prevent pressure ulcers?
    Reposition patient every 2 hrs
  61. When do Friction injuries occur?
    • Affect epidermis or top layer of skin
    • Client who is restless or unomfortable movements
  62. When does blanching occur?
    • When it blanches it is not a pressure ulcer
    • If it does not it is a pressure ulcer
  63. What is citrus fruit good for?
    • Healing
    • (Vitamin C)
  64. How to maintain dressings?
    • Moist
    • Prevents infection
  65. Best dressing for an infected wound?
  66. How to cough with sutures?
    Tell patient to put a pillow at the sutures
  67. When to apply cold packs?
    • Fractures
    • Ankles
  68. When to apply hot packs?
    • Menstral cramps
    • Degenerative joint disease
  69. How does tobacco affect a wound?
    • Decrease wound healing
    • Tissue oxygenation
  70. What is the function of skin?
    Protective barrier against disease
  71. Elderly skin characteristics
    Decrease skin integrity b/c less body fat on bony prominence
  72. What is wound debriment
    Removing necrotic tissue to expose the wound bed
  73. Irrigating a wound
    To debris the wound with saline
  74. How to assess pain of patient who is cognitively impaired?
    • Facial movement
    • Body movement
    • Behavior
  75. When to check on pain patients?
    • Every 30 mins
    • Assess pain as well
  76. What type of medicine is given to patients with severe pain?
    • Opiates
    • Non opiates
  77. Acute pain S/S
    • Increased
    • HR
    • BP
    • RR
    • Sweating
    • Muscle flexed
  78. What med is given to control muscle pain?
  79. When to use a PCA pump?
    • Post Op
    • Patient Controlled Analgesia
  80. When to use TENS unit?
    • Used when patient experiences pain
    • Not all day
  81. Pain Management
    • Go by what the patient says
    • Use distraction
    • Do not wait for pain to become untolerable
    • Pain exhausts patient energy and emotion
  82. Acute wound characteristics
    • Stabbing
    • Trauma
    • Therapy
  83. Chronic wound
    Pressure ulcer
  84. Corticosteroids use
    • Combine with Vitamin A
    • Makes healing worse
  85. How does gastric fluid affect?
    • Keep clean and dry
    • Especally pancreatic fluid
  86. Anticipatory response
    Prepares patient for what is going to happen
  87. Extreme pain
    • Not totally diminished
    • Ask whats tolerable
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