Science Test 1.1 and 1.2

  1. Vocabulary- Anything that has mass and takes up space.
    Vocabulary- The answer is, Matter.
  2. Vocabulary- Simplest form of Matter.
    Vocabulary- The answer is, Element's. Matter can take fom of an element.
  3. Fill in the blank- All element Abbreviations start with a_____________.
    Capital Letter. However, some elements only have ONE letter
  4. Fill in the blank- If an element has a second letter than it is always ___________.
  5. Vocabulary- Two or more Atoms bonded together
    Vocabulary- Molecules
  6. Vocabulary- Two or more elements CHEMICALLY combined
    Vocabulary- Compound
  7. Vocabulary- Two or more substances PHYSICALLY combined.
    Vocabulary- Mixtures. (Ex. Sand/Salt)
  8. True or false- In a Physical Change, new materials are formed
  9. Physical Change- No new materials are formed.
    (Ex. Solid Ice to liquad Water)
  10. Chemical Change- New materials form.
    (Ex. Spliting water)
  11. Short Answer- What is some evidence of a chemical change?
    Shory Answer- Some evidence of chemical changes are color change, temperature change, gas production, and formation of precipitate. In a chemical change, new materials are formed.
  12. Vocabulary- Show the number of atoms in a molecule.
    Vocabulary- Chemical Formulas.
  13. Vocabulary- the starting materials in an equation are called.
    Vocabulary- Reactants
  14. Vocabulary- The ending material in an equation is called.
    Vocabulary- Products.
  15. Vocabulary- Whn one element replaces another.
    (Type of reaction)
    Vocabulary- Replacement.
  16. Vocabulary- Complex compunds are broken down into simpler ones.
    (Type of reaction)
    Vocabulary- Decomposition.
  17. Vocabulary- Whn one element replaces another.
    (Type of reaction)
    Vocabulary- Replacement.
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