Chapter 6 vocab

  1. Epigram
    n. A short, witty saying.
  2. Epigraph
    N. An inscription on a monument or building, on a coin, or at the beginning of a book or chapter
  3. Lithograph
    N. A print produced by a printing process in which a smooth surface is treated so that ink will adhere only to the design to be printed
  4. Eclectic
    adj. Consisting of parts selected from various sources
  5. Lexicon
    n. A specialized dictionary
  6. Apologist
    N. A person who makes an argument in support of someone or something
  7. Epilogue
    N. short concluding section in a literary work
  8. Logistics
    The organization of supplies and services.
  9. Eulogy
    N. A speech or writing in praise of a person or thing, especially honoring the dead.
  10. Logo
    A symbol or design that serves to identify an organizatino or institution
  11. Analogy
    N. A comparison between things that are alike in some ways.
  12. Topography
    n. the features of an area, such as its rivers mountains, and roads.
  13. Graffiti
    N. Words or drawings scratched or scribbled on a wall
  14. Choreography
    N. The art of creating dances.
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