1. Equilibrium
    the rate of the forward reactions is equal to the rate of the backward reaction
  2. Equilibrium dynamic
    not stopped but forward and backward reaction are constant
  3. Constant K
    Just the temperature change it
  4. Magnitud K
    how far does the reaction take place
  5. Le Chatelier's principle
    At equilibrium when subjected to a change will respond in such a way to minimize the effect of the change
  6. Concentration
    Increase reactants , equilibrium move to the right
  7. Note
    Change in volume or pressure will affect the equilibrium if the involves change in gas molecule
  8. Pressure
    • Increase move the equilibrium to the side of less less volume
    • darker - ligther
  9. Temperature Exoternic
    • taking away heat equilibrium moves to rights, to form more products.
    • Mixture becomes light
    • Temp increase concentration decrease therefore k decrease
  10. Catalysis
    Do not change the position of the equilibrium or the yireld but equilibrium is archive quickly
  11. Equilibrium Vapor Pressure
    pressure exerted by a vapor on its liquid when the rate of condensation is equal to the rate of evaporation
  12. Factors vapor pressure

    Nature of the substance
  13. Note
    Evaporation is a surface phenomenon and occurs at a range of temperature.
  14. Note
    boiling is a volume phenomenon ans occurs at a specific temperature, determined by the nature of the substance and the outside pressure
  15. Vapor pressure
    Is exerted by the particles in the vapor phase.
  16. Liquid Boils
    Vapor pressure equal to the external pressure
  17. Enthalpy of vaporization
    Energy required to convert one mole of a substance in its liquid state into one mole of gas
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