World Studies First Semester SAT Review

  1. acrid
    sharp pungent
  2. boorish
  3. cynical
    believing that people only act out of selfish motives
  4. epistle
    a letter (form of communication)
  5. heresy
    against orthodox opinion
  6. lance
    spear, spike, javelin
  7. obscure
    difficult to understand partially hiddne
  8. poignant
    deeply moving, strongly affecting the emotions
  9. respirte
    a break, intermission
  10. terse
    concise, to the point
  11. infinitive
    begining a sentence wiht an infinitive (to verb) as the subject

    • examples:
    • 1) To turn away from the acrid smell of smoke was Andrew's goal at the bonfire.
    • 2) To relax at home, away from the arrogant and boorish partygoers was Max's only wish.
  12. abhor
  13. bigot
    narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  14. counterfeit
    fake or false
  15. enfranchise
    give voting rights, to set free, liberate, as from slavery
  16. hamper
    hinder or obstruct
  17. kindle
    to start (a fire) to inflame
  18. noxious
    harmful, poisonous, lethal
  19. placid
    peaceful, calm
  20. talisman
    lucky charm
  21. abrasive
    rough, coarse, harsh
  22. bilk
    cheat, defraud
  23. covert
    hidden, undercover
  24. engender
  25. hangar
    storage area (like garage) for a plane
  26. present participles
    participles describe nouns or pronouns. present participles always end in ing. past participals usually end in ed.

    • examples:
    • 1) Sitting in bed eating breakfast, we could see the lake and the mountains across the lake on the french side.
    • 2) Enchanted and enthralled at the stolen gems, the criminal laughed at how he bilked the jewerly store owner.
  27. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  28. bourgeois
    middle class, marked by concern for material interests and responsibility
  29. debility
    weakness, incapacity
  30. epistolary
    contained in or carried on by letters
  31. hiatus
    interruption or pause
  32. languid
    drooping or flagging from or as if from exsaustion
  33. poised
    calm, self possessed, collected
  34. resplendent
    characterized by a glowing splendor, shinning
  35. therapeutic
    medicinal, curative
  36. acuity
    sharpness, mental or visual
  37. braggart
    someone who boasts or brags
  38. debunking
    exposing false claims or myths
  39. epitomized
    typified, characterized, personified
  40. hidebound
    rigid in opinions
  41. languish
    to be or become feeble, weak, dispirited, suffer neglect
  42. obsequious
    servile, submissive
  43. polemical
    causing debate or argument
  44. restorative
    a tonic
  45. thwart
    prevent, frusturate
  46. adament
    forceful, inflexible
  47. brawny
  48. decathlon
    an athletic competition with ten events
  49. equivocate
    speak ambiguously avoid telling the truth
  50. hieroglyphics
    picture writing, writing which is difficult to read or enigmatic
  51. larceny
    theft, robbery, stealing
  52. obsession
    a dominating concern
  53. ponderous
    weighty slow and heavy
  54. retention
    preservation withholding
  55. timorous
    cowardly, fearful
  56. adroit
  57. brevity
    being breif
  58. decorum
    dignified, correct behavior
  59. err
    make a mistake
  60. hinder
  61. pontificate
    speak pompusly or dogmatically
  62. reticent
    restrained, holding something back, uncommunicative
  63. tirade
    a stream of verbal abuse
  64. adulation
    strong admiration, worship
  65. bristle
    to show irritation
  66. decoy
    lure, trap, trick
  67. erratic
    wandering, irregular
  68. histrionic
    theatrical, exaggerated
  69. laud
  70. obstreperous
    noisy and boisterous
  71. portend
  72. retraction
    withdrawl, cancellation of a statement
  73. titter
    giggle quietly
  74. adversity
  75. broach
    start to discuss
  76. deference
  77. esoteric
    obscure and difficult to understand
  78. hoary
  79. lavish
    on a grand scale, wasteful
  80. obtuse
    mentally dull
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