GRE Unit 1

  1. Abate
    to decrease; reduce

    NASA announced that it would delay the launch of the manned spacecraft until the radiation from the solar flames abated.
  2. Abdicate
    to give up position, right or power

    Romulus Augustus, the last Western Roman emperor, was forced to abdicate the throne in 476 A.D., and the Germanic chieftain Odovacar became the de fact ruler of Italy.
  3. Abberant
    deviating from what is normal

    When a person's behavior becomes aberrant, his or her peers may become concerned that the individual is becoming a deviant.
  4. Abeyance
    temporary suppression or suspension

    A good judge must hold his or her judgement in abeyance until all the facts in a case have been presented.
  5. Abject
    miserable, pitiful

    John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath portrays the abject poverty of many people during the Great Depression.
  6. Abjure
    to reject; abandon formally

    Most members of the Religious Society of Friends abjure the use of violence to settle disputes between nations.
  7. Abscission
    the act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other part of a plant

    Two scientists, Alan G. Williams and Thomas G. Whitham, have hypothesized that premature leaf abscission is an adaptive plant response to herbivorous attack.
  8. Abscond
    to depart secretly

    A warrant is out for the arrest of a person believed to have absconded with three million dollars.
  9. Abstemious
    moderate in appetite

    Some research suggests that people with an abstemious lifestyle tend to live longer than people who indulge their appetites.
  10. Abstinence
    the giving up of certain pleasures

    The monk's vow of abstinence includes all intoxicating substances.
  11. De facto
    in fact, whether by right or not; exercising power without being legally established
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