vocab 19 & 20

  1. apathetic
    a lack of interest; indifferent
  2. consecrate
    distinguished as holy
  3. credo
    a statement/code of beliefs
  4. heinous
    grossly wicked or evil
  5. ingrate
    an ungrateful person
  6. piety
    religious reverence; devotion to family; possessing a strict moral code
  7. sacrilegious
    extremely disrespectful towards what is considered sacred
  8. sanctimony
    false righteousness
  9. sanctity
    holiness of life
  10. timorous
    full of fear or apprehension
  11. berserk
    destructivley violent; deranged
  12. jubilee
    special celebration; anniversary
  13. juggernaut
    overwhelming force; destructive devotion
  14. kowtow
    to kneel in respect, worship or submission
  15. maelstrom
    a violent or turbulent situation
  16. mecca
    center of activity or interest
  17. nabob
    a prominent person
  18. saga
    an epic story of many episodes
  19. shibboleth
    a word pronunciation that distinguishes a group
  20. trek
    defficult, long journey
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vocab 19 & 20
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