Fundamentals Test 2 Review

  1. infections that occur after hospital admission and for which the client had no symptoms at the time of admission
    nosocomial infections
  2. Should you ever reach across a sterile field?
  3. What order should PPE be removed?
    • gloves
    • mask
    • gown
  4. When should you let your PPE mask hang around your neck?
  5. What would a nurse wear when around TB?
    n95 mask
  6. Who is the most at risk?
    Someone whose immune system is compromised
  7. vehicle a living means of transport for infection
  8. Examples of vectors..
    • food
    • insect
  9. When bathing a client, what is most important to that client?
  10. When teaching a client, how do you make sure they understand what you have taught them?
    by asking them to repeat it back
  11. How should you clean a patient's eyes?
    From the inner canthus to outer; use a different part of the rag for each eye.
  12. Do you need sterile gloves for bathing a patient?
    No, but you do need gloves.
  13. Before giving a BP med, you should..
    check the patient's BP
  14. Formula for calculating Fahrenheit to Celsius
    F = C x (9/5) + 32
  15. What is another word for fever?
  16. Vital signs of a patient always vary, so you should always get a _______
  17. Best location for taking a pulse:
    -average adult:
    -new born (<28 days):
    -infant (28+ days):
    • -average adult: radial
    • -new born (<28 days): apical
    • -infant (28+ days): brachial
  18. When checking a radial pulse you find it to be abnormal, you should
    Find another nurse and check apical and radial simultaneously
  19. Respirations can be affected by:
    narcotics, which decrease respiration because of CNS depression
  20. When having trouble getting a BP you should..
    try other arm if not contraindicated; if it is, then go to thigh
  21. T/F
    All documentation is a legal document?
  22. What can documentation be used for?
    court, insurance, reimbursement
  23. In order for a patient's records to be used in court, the patient must?
  24. When documenting what terminology should be used?
    never words such as "small, medium"; be specific and don't generalize
  25. Convert standard time to military time..
    7:45 PM..
  26. when should "inflammatory" words be used on a chart?
  27. If a client wants a copy of their medical records, can they get one?
    yes, they must submit a written request
  28. When you write documentation incorrectly, you should?
    • draw single straight line through it
    • write "error"
    • initial
    • correct
  29. When documenting electronically, is it okay for a fellow nurse to observe?
    no, documenting should be done alone
  30. When taking an order over the phone you should..
    have chart with you; most doctor's prefer SOAP
  31. Define critical thinking.
    Thinking with a purpose
  32. When you are done with your clinical, before you leave you should:
    report off to your nurse and instructor
  33. What help us think critically?
    Nursing Theories
  34. The nursing process is a _______ _________ method.
    problem solving
  35. When should you verify allergies?
    Upon admission and before procedure
  36. How do you evaluate if pain medication is working?
    Ask the patient; if patient is dozing, still ask
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