crime 1

  1. to act on a tip-off
    the police use the information they've been given to try to prevent a crime
  2. to break out of prison/jail
    to escape
  3. to be convinced of a crime
    to be found guilty in a court
  4. to cordon (an area/building) off
    to place a barrier around an area
  5. to be fined for (committing)a crime
    to have to pay a certain amount of money
  6. to be found (not) guilty of
    быть признанным виновным.невиновным
  7. to get away with sth
    to do sth wrong and illegal and not be punished fot it
  8. to hold (sb/sth) up
    to rob using a wearpon
  9. an inquary into (+noun)
    an official investigation
  10. to let sb off (with a fine/caution)
    to be given a lighter punishment than you deserve
  11. to make off with sth
    to steal and escape with sth
  12. to be on the loose
    быть в бегах
  13. to be on the run
    to be trying to escape
  14. to plead (not) guilty (to the charge)
    to say in a court that you are (not) guilty of a crime
  15. to be released from prison
    to be set free from prison
  16. to rule out (the possibility of) sth
    to say that sth s not possible
  17. to stand up (in court)
    казаться правдоподобным (в суде)
  18. to testify against sb
    давать показания против (в суде)
  19. to tip (sb) off
    предупредить полицию
  20. to track (sb/sth) down
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