Chapters 1-4 Vocab

  1. alkuhl
    an Arabic word meaning "the essence" from which the word alcohol is derived
  2. amphetamines
    powerful central nervous system stimulants
  3. aqua vitae
    literally means "water of life" another expression for alcohol
  4. barbiturate (barbituric acid)
    a member of a class of drugs that have depressant effects
  5. benzedrine
    an amphetamine used to treat nasal congestion and asthma
  6. bromides
    nonbarbiturate sedatives used to treat epileptic convulsions
  7. distillation
    a heating process that increases alcohol content
  8. drug abuse
    the intentional and inappropriate use of a drug resulting in physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, or social consequences for the user
  9. drug misuse
    the unintentional or inappropriate use of prescribed or over-the-counter drugs
  10. drug
    any substance that alters one's ability to function emotionally, physically, intellectually, financially, or socially
  11. hallucinogens
    a class of drugs that induce perceived distortions in time and space
  12. laudanum
    a drug derived from opium
  13. mescaline
    a psychoactive agent, or hallucinogen, derived form the peyote cactus
  14. methamphetamine
    a more potent form of amphetamine
  15. morphine
    an analgesic drug derived form opium, used medically as a painkiller
  16. narcotic
    an opium-based central nervous system depressant used to relive pain and diarrhea
  17. opiate
    a class of drugs derived form opium
  18. peyote
    a cactus containing the hallucinogen mescaline
  19. psychoactive drugs
    any substance that has the capabililty of altering mood, perception, or behavior
  20. soldier's disease
    a name given to morphine dependency during the Civil War
  21. temperance
    moderate alcohol use, rather than abstinence
  22. analog
  23. china white
    a synthetic analgesic drug derived from fentanyl that mimics heroin but is considerably more potent
  24. chronic drug use
    the habitual use of drugs
  25. compulsive drug use
    obsessive drug use without regard for society
  26. designer drugs
    synthetic substances that are chemically similar to existing drugs
  27. gas chromatography
    a type of drug testing procedure that is highly sophisticated and sensitive, but time-consuming and expensive
  28. immunoassay
    a drug testing procedure that tests for metabolites of drugs
  29. margin of safety
    the difference between a beneficial level and a harmful level of a drug
  30. social-recreational drug use
    taking drugs in a social environment to share pleasurable experiences among friends
  31. toxicity
    a drug's ability to disturb or nullify homeostasis
  32. anabolic steroids
    substances used to increase muscle mass; related to male sex hormones
  33. aphrodisiac
    any substance that increases sexual desire and performance
  34. drug addiction
    continuing desire for drugs based on a physical need
  35. ergogenic aids
    substances that provide an athletic advantage, also known as performance-enhancing drugs
  36. negative reinforcemet
    relief or avoidance of pain achieved by a behavior, motivation one to repeat the behavior
  37. positive reinforcement
    pleasurable sensations associated with a behavior, motivations one to repeat the behavior
  38. speedball
    injectable combination of heroin and cocaine
  39. withdrawal symptoms
    physical signs that appear when drug use is stopped
  40. category I drugs
    drugs determined to be safe, effective, and properly labeled
  41. category II drugs
    drugs generally recognized as unsafe and ineffective or as mislabeled, must be removed from medications within 6 months after the FDA issues its finial regulations
  42. category III drugs
    drugs for which data are insufficient to determine general recognition of safety and effectiveness
  43. drug paraphernalia
    items that are aides to using drugs
  44. harm reduction
    a series of practical interventions that respond to the needs of drug users and the community where they live in an effort to reduce the harm caused by illicit drug use
  45. normalization
    a term used by the Dutch for the practice of not prosecution uses of soft drugs such as marijuana
  46. proprietary drugs
    drugs that can be purchased without a prescription; over-the-counter drugs
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