1 & 2 History Final

  1. Precedent
    a ruling that is used as a basis for a judicial decision in a later, similar case
  2. Civics
    the study of the rights and duties of citizens
  3. budget
    a plan for making and spending money
  4. magna carta
  5. government
    the ruling authority for a community
  6. common law
    a system of law based on precedent and customs
  7. mayflower compact
  8. public policy
    the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem
  9. legislature
    a group of people that makes laws
  10. constitution
    a detailed, written plan for the government
  11. common sense
  12. articles of confederation
  13. Declaration of independence
  14. public policy
  15. bicameral
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1 & 2 History Final
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