Aerosol Drug Therapy

  1. What is aerosol output defined as?
    The mass of fluid or drug contained in aerosol
  2. What is the output rate for aerosol?
    Mass of aerosol generated per unit of time
  3. What is the emitted dose of aerosol?
    Describes the mass of drug leaving the mouthpiece as aerosol
  4. What are the 3 factors that particle size depend on?
    • 1. Substance being nebulized
    • 2. Method used
    • 3. Enviornmental conditions
  5. What is the amount of drug inhaled called?
    inhaled mass
  6. What is the portion of the are inhaled mass that can reach the lower airways called?
    respirable mass
  7. What is inertial impaction?
    • Occurs when an aerosol in motion collides with a surface
    • Primary deposition for larger particles
  8. How does sedimentation occur?
    • When aerosol particles settle out of suspension and are deposited due to gravity
    • Primary deposition for small particles
  9. What is the primary deposition mechanism for very small particles?
  10. What is a primary hazard to aerosol therapy?
    An adverse reaction to the medication
  11. Most commonly used/prescribed method of aerosol therapy is?
    MDI - metered dose inhaler
  12. What does MMAD stand for and what do they do?
    • Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter
    • Cascade impaction or volume median diameter
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Aerosol Drug Therapy
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