Vocab Unit 5

  1. lega
    to appoint, to send on a mission, to charge with
  2. legacy
    body of ideas, achievements, and morals;

    the crooked judge, retiring today, leaves behind a legacy of dishonesty and corruption.
  3. delgate
    to divide up, especially responsiblities

    our parents dlegated the easiest task, like collecting firewood, to the younger childern
  4. act/ag
    to do, act
  5. agenda
    plan of action; purpose

    although some critics have wondered whether the author had a political agenda in her last nobel, she insist that there was not secret purpose.
  6. proactive
    seek to solve a problem before it occurs

    gwen, who was proactive about getting a job, was hired right after she left college
  7. exacting
    demanding perfection; strict

    the exacting conductor sometimes kept the orchestra for hours to practice a single passage.
  8. puls/pulsum
    to push
  9. repulsion
    desire to avoid; disgust

    after months of eating primarily peanut butter, izzie began to feel repulsion for it
  10. dispel
    to scatter about, break up.

    poilcemen were sent to dispel the crowd of onlookers that had gathered near the accident
  11. propel
    to cause to move towards; push

    a strong wind propelled the toy boat across the surface of the lake
  12. lat
    brought, carried
  13. relative
    dependent upon

    the number of people at the beach on any day is relative to the weather and the season.
  14. superlative
    excellant; above all others

    for superlative performance at work, holly was awrded a big promotion
  15. dilate
    to widen

    the surgeon dilated the opening of Anthoney's windpipe so he could breath better
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