Osu Ph212 Linear Motion Multiple Choice

  1. Linear Motion Position

    B) ->x
  2. Linear Motion Position units

    C) m
  3. Linear Motion Velocity

    A) ->v
  4. Linear Motion Velocity units

    E) m/sec
  5. Linear Motion Acceleration

    C) ->a
  6. Linear Motion Acceleration units

    B) m/sec2
  7. Linear Motion Mass

    E) m
  8. Linear Motion Mass units

    B) kg
  9. Linear Motion Force

    C) ->F
  10. Linear Motion Force units

    C) N
  11. Linear Motion Momentum

    B) ->p
  12. Linear Motion Momentum units

    E) kg m/sec
  13. Rotational Motion Position

    F) θ
  14. Rotational Motion Position Units

    D) rad
  15. Rotational Motion Velocity

    F) ω
  16. Rotational Motion Velocity Units

    D) rad/sec
  17. Rotational Motion Acceleration

    D) α
  18. Rotational Motion Acceleration Units

    F) rad/sec2
  19. Rotational Motion Moment of Inertia

    A) Ι
  20. Rotational Motion Moment of Inertia Units

    A) kg*m2
  21. Rotational Motion Torque

    E) τ
  22. Rotational Motion Torgue

    C) N*m
  23. Rotational Motion Momentum

    C) L
  24. Rotational Motion Momentum

    A) kg*m2/sec
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