Surface Features of Bones

  1. process
    ex. Xiphoid process of Sternum
    general projection
  2. tuberosity
    ex. Radial tuberosity of Radius
    relatively large, rough area
  3. tubercle
    ex. Lesser tubercle of Humerus
    relatively small bump
  4. trochanter
    ex. Greater trochanter of Femur
    large bump on femur
  5. condyle
    ex. Occipital condyles
    irregular, smooth, articulation surface
  6. epicondyle
    ex. Lateral epicondyle of Femur
    bump on a condyle
  7. Head
    ex. Head of the Ulna
    round articulation surface
  8. neck
    ex. Neck of Radius
    constriction below head
  9. crest
    ex. anterior "crest" of Tibia
  10. Line
    ex. Gluteal line of Ilium
    Smaller ridge
  11. Facet
    ex. superior articular facet of Rib
    smooth, flat articulation surface
  12. Spine
    ex. iscial spine
    short and sharp projection
  13. Ramus
    ex. Superior ramus of Pubis
  14. Foramen
    ex. Mental foramen
    Shallow Hole
  15. Meatus or Canal
    ex. external auditory meatus
    deep hole
  16. groove or sulcus
    ex. costal groove of Rib
    Long Depression
  17. Fossa
    Supraspinous fossa of Scapula
    Shallow Depression
  18. Notch
    ex. subscapular notch of Scapula
    Deep Depression
  19. Sinus
    ex. Ethmoid sinuses
  20. Fissure
    ex. superior orbial fissure
    Long deep cut-out
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Surface Features of Bones
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