Ch. 19 Game HMGT

  1. Game
    animals hunted for sport or food. generally dark flesh, robust flavor, and less fat
  2. Antelope
    almost no body fat, meat retains a high amount of moisture, flavor slightly stronger than vennison.
  3. Bison (american Buffalo)
    raised like beef cattle. Meat is juicy and flavorful and may be prepared in the same way as lean beef
  4. Deer (vennison)
    inclueds elk, moose, reindeer, red-tailed deer, white-tail deer, and mule deer. Typically dark red meat with mild aroma. Leaner than other meats.
  5. Rabbit
    mild, lean and tender flesh. Flavor and texture similar to chicken.
  6. Wild Boar
    close relative to dometicated hog. leaner and stronger flavor.
  7. Partridge
    flavor less delicate than than phesant. meat tougher.
  8. Pheasant
    mild flavor good for roasting, stewing, and braising. Hen is more tender and smaller.
  9. Quail
    related to pheasnat. very small (1-2oz of breast meat each). grilled, roasted, broiled, or sauteed. So lean that they benefit from barding.
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Ch. 19 Game HMGT
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