Ch. 17 Pork HMGT

  1. Pork
    meat of hogs butchered before age 1. Tender delicate flavor.
  2. Shoulder
    (aka picnic ham). lower portion of hog's foreleg. contains arm and shank bones. High ratio of bone to lean meat. Not as tender as other cuts of pork.
  3. foreshank
    is called the shoulder hock and usually smoked.
  4. Boston Butt
    very meaty and tender. Not many bones.
  5. Belly
    below loin. very fatty. contains spare ribs. used to make bacon
  6. loin
    very tender. lean. chops cut from loin.
  7. fatback
    thick layer of fat between between skin and lean eye muscle.
  8. fresh ham
    hog's hindleg contains the aitch, leg and hind shank bones. cured and smoked
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