Informatics Ch. 8

  1. Advocate/Policy Developer
    • A nurse informatics specialist who is key to developing the infrastructure of health policy.
    • Policy development on a local, national, and international level is an integral part of this role.
  2. What are the Core Sciences of NI?
    • Nursing, computer and information sciences are considered core
    • sciences for nursing informatics (NI);
    • some believe, that cognitive science should also be included in the core sciences.
  3. Decision Support
    • A single recommendation or series of recommendations implying next steps based on care protocols;
    • the computer reminds and alerts to improve the diagnosis and care of a patient including screening for correct drug selection and dosing, medication interactions with other medications, preventive health reminders in areas such as vaccinations, etc
  4. Informatics
    A specialty that integrates the specialty's science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in a specialty's practice
  5. Information Age
    At the end of the 20th century, information was easily accessible using computers, networks and Internet
  6. Informatique
    A French word that describes the computer's social and physical setting in which it was created
  7. Knowledge Builder
    Nurses will transition from knowledge users to knowledge builders when they examine clinical data and trends across groups of patients. These trends are interpreted and compared to current scientific data to determine if this data would improve the nursing knowledge domain.
  8. TIGER initiative
    They were called the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform or TIGER Team. This group determined that “utilizing informatics” was a core competency for all healthcare workers.
  9. Is Nursing Informatics an Applied or Basic Science
    Applied Science
  10. When Did Healthcare begin to use computers?
  11. When did NI specialties begin to emerge?
  12. Hospital C is looking to implement an EHR. It has been suggested that a NIS be hired. This position does not involve direct patient care and the administration is struggling with how to justify the position. How can this position be justified?
    NI is a nursing specialty that does not focus on direct patient care but instead focuses on how to improve patient care and safety as well as improving the workflow and work processes of nurses and other healthcare workers
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