Microsoft Office Basics

  1. Switch to the next window
    Alt + tab
  2. Switch to the previous window
    Alt + Shift + Tab
  3. Close the active window
    Ctrl + W
  4. Maximize or restore a selected window
    Ctrl + F10
  5. Move to a task pane from another pane clockwise
  6. When more than one window is open, switch to the next window
    Ctrl + F6
  7. Switch to the previous window
    Ctrl + Shift + F6
  8. Copy a picture of the selected window to the clipboard
    Alt + Print Screen
  9. Switch to the next tab in a dialog box
    Ctrl + Tab
  10. Switch to the previous tab in a dialog box
    Ctrl + Shift + Tab
  11. Select or clear the selected check box
  12. Select an option; select or clear a check box
    Alt + the letter underlined in an option
  13. Open a selected drop down list
    Alt + Down Arrow
  14. Select an option from a drop down list
    First letter of the option you want
  15. Move to the beginning of an entry
  16. Move to the end of the entry
  17. Move one word to the left or right
    Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right Arrow
  18. Select or unselect one character to the left/right
    Shift + Left/Right arrow
  19. Select or unselect one word to the left/right
    Ctrl + Shift + left/right arrow
  20. Select from the intertion point to the beginning of the entry
    Shift + home
  21. Select from insertion point to the end of the entry
    Shift + End
  22. Display the open dialog box
    Ctrl + O
  23. Display the Save As dialog box
  24. Go to the previous folder
    Alt + 1
  25. Open the folder one level above the open folder
    Alt + 2
  26. Create a new folder
    Alt + 4
  27. Switch among available folder views
    Alt + 5
  28. Undo an action
    Ctrl + Z
  29. Redo or repeat an action
    Ctrl + Y
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