Ch. 15 Veal HMGT

  1. Veal
    young usually male, calves that are by products of the dary industry. Must be under 9 months (most are 8 to 16 weeks. Lighter color than beef
  2. Shoulder
    Foresaddle, contains 4 rib bones, part of backbone, blade and arm bones.
  3. Foreshank and breast
    on foresaddle, considered 1 primal cut. Contains rib bones, rib cartilage, breast bones, and shank bones. Some of the bones are still cartilaginous.
  4. Rib
    double rib (veal hotel rack), very tender,
  5. Loin
    hindsaddle, very tender, usually dry heat (broiling, grilling, roasting, sauteing)
  6. Leg
    sirloin and leg. TENDER, USUALLY BROKEN DOWN INTO SMALLER PEICES BEFORE COOKING. More meaty than foreshank.
  7. Sweetbreads
    thymus glands, shrinks with age.
  8. calves liver
    more tender, milder flavor, often sliced and sauteed or broiled
  9. Kidneys
    rich flavor and firm texture. Moist heast cooking methods sometimes stewed or kidney pie
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