Lecture 2 Informatics and Key Points and Definitions

  1. What are some of the issues with Internet in Healthcare?
    • privacy
    • creating a national network of healthcare records
  2. NHIN
    National Health Information Network:an electronic birth-to-death healthcare record that also provides consumer access
  3. EPR
    • Electronic Patient Record:
    • Created by healthcare provider or agency
    • Owned and managed by institution or agency that created them
    • Also called electronic medical record (EMR)
  4. EHR
    • Electronic Health Record: One’s health information is available from any location
    • Many advantages
    • Also Called EPR( Electronic Patient Record)
  5. PHR
    • Personal Health Record:
    • Owned and managed by the patient
    • Client access to healthcare information
    • Possible client data entry

    • Impact of HIPAA
    • Currently PHRs are in a state of evolution:
    • No consensus on definition

    • Various models
  6. What are some of the benefits of a PHR?
    • Enhanced collaborative care;
    • Better management of one’s disease treatment;
    • More personalized, higher quality of care with improved communication
    • Increased involvement of patient in own care
    • Can travel with the patient over space and time
  7. What are some of the disadvantages of a PHR?
    • ◦Provider reluctance
    • ◦Need for unique patient identifier;

    • ◦data security;
    • ◦Lack of data standardization and presentation;

    • ◦Required change in patient thinking to accept responsibility for participation;
    • ◦Financing

    ◦Uneven computer skills
  8. What are some advantages of EHR?
    • —Ability to include decision support through guidelines and evidence-based practice
    • Ability to do surveillance and monitoring for specific diseases and conditions
    • —Reduction in medication errors
    • —Decreased utilization of care through increased data and information sharing, increased patient
    • compliance, and screening/testing
    • Improved Readability of records
    • Ability to identify patients for trials
  9. What are some Disadvantages of EHRs
    —Adoption can be slow, uneven (offset currently through incentives)

    • —Requires “re-learning” by clinicians
    • —Systems still being developed
    • Lack of agreement on standards
    • —Financial capacity
    • Patient privacy & security
  10. What are to Security precautions that would take place?
    • The record could be locked if it were stolen or lost
    • Would be designed to adhere to HIPAA
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Lecture 2 Informatics and Key Points and Definitions
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