Ch.14 Beef HMGT

  1. boxed beef
    industrial terminology for primal and subprimal cuts of beef that are vacuum sealed and packed into cardboard boxes for shipping from the packing plant to retailers and food service operations
  2. certified angus beef
    a brand created in 1978 to distinguish the highest-quality beef produced from descendants of tge black, hornless Angus cattle of Scotland. Meat must meet American ANgus association standards for yeild, marbleing, and age (grade high choice or prime)
  3. Kobe Beef
    an exclusive beef from Kobe, Japan. Animals fed special diet and beer (stimulates appitite). Massaged with sake to releive stress and muscle stiffness (calm animal produces perter quality meat)
  4. Offal (aka variety meats)
    edible entrails (heart, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, and tongue) and extremities (oxtail and pigs feet) of an animal.
  5. Chuck
    lots of connective tissue, lot of bone, tough, shoulder, most flavorful, good for stew,
  6. Brisket and shank
    under primal chuck on front end. Brisket- is steer's breast (ribs and breast bone) tough and substantial amount of fat. Foreshank- arm. Flavorful and full of collagen.
  7. Rib
    Prime rib - called that b/c it is a primal cut. Rib eye- very tender.
  8. Short plate
    below primal rib. has rib bones and cartiliage. Produces short ribs (meaty and lots of connective tissue) and skirt steak.
  9. Short loin
    behide ribs, contains only 1 rib.
  10. sirloin
    in hindquarters. part of backbone and hip-bone. flavorful and tender.
  11. Flank
    underneath loin contains no bones. flavorful, but not very tender. Usually trimmed and ground. or as london Broil.
  12. Round
    the hindleg of the animal. flavorful and fairly tender.
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