World History 2

  1. Social Darwinism
    A theory that the England government took up that is based off survival of the fittest. If you are a nation that can defend itself against other nations, then you are the fit one. If you cannot defend yourself against other nations then you are the weaker one and deserve to be taken over.
  2. White MansBurden
    The West feeling that it is their moral obligation to westernize
  3. British India and & The Raj
  4. East India Trading Company-
  5. Indian Civil Service
    Englishmen (company men) who come to work in India for a period of time
  6. Company Men
    English men who work for the East India Trading Company. They open the shop, work with the government to protect the English monopoly, train the military man. Meaning they have English regiment.
  7. Sepoys & Rebellion of 1858
    Sepoys are military men made up of Hindu and Muslim soldiers. The sepoys are given gun grease made up of cow and pig fat. The cow is sacred to the Hindu and the Muslims do not touch pigs. When the sepoys make a request to the Englishmen which is ignored, they rise up and rebel.
  8. Cantonements
    English gated communities where they put the English men who were once living anywhere throughout India. This was done to protect them from harm by the Indians and prevent them from being influenced by Indian ways
  9. Missionaries In Africa
    People sent to the coast of Africa (primarily Sierra Leone) to teach the slaves who come off the ship religion, western culture, language, school them, and teach them labor skills. They then send them into the interior of Africa to set up shop.
  10. Liberia & Sierra Leone
    Sierra Leone: English owned; created as a trading post. Patrols the oceans and any ship that it came across was captured and sailed to Sierra Leone where the missionaries would teach and train the slaves then send them into the interior of Africa. Liberia: America owned; created by the “American Colonization Society” to end slavery and send freed slaves in the U.S. Back to Africa. They will also start schools and educate the slaves and then send them into the interior of Africa. (this was not as successful as Sierra Leone because more people died once they reached the interior)
  11. Imperialism
    having control through control and limited settlement
  12. Industrialization
    • manufacturing finished goods through mass production. Will start in England and spark industrial revolution --> has factories, assembly lines, mass production.
    • Industry & England- England is the #1 power
  13. Missionaries in China-
  14. Shensi Banks
    A system in China where the Chinese take the money that they make from trade with the outside world and put it into these banks which has branches all over the world. This is why India wants control over China so that they can have control over the banks and the money in it. The Shensi banks is where China gets all of its money from.
  15. Canton System
    A preventative measure that China puts into place to prevent England from taking it. This system will limit trade to the Canton ports only (she will trade with others but only at the Canton Ports), Chinese tea will be sold to England and the money will put silver into the treasury of China.
  16. Confucianism
    Order, everything has its place, and they believe everything is delegated. Fate- predestiny and order going hand in hand; with that comes an acceptance that things happen for a reason. There is also a respect for the hierarchy of things
  17. Chinese Civil Service Exam
    An exam based on memorization which has different levels , each containing a certain amount of career paths that someone can choose from. People get the advantage through a tutor who knows exactly what is on the exam but you must have money to get a tutor.
  18. Treaty of Nanking
    A Treaty that England forces China into (aka the “unequal treaty”) which 1. Ends the opium war but solidifies England’s control over China 2. Ends the trading at the Canton Ports only. 3 Leads England to build a deep port in Hong Kong to allow big ships to come through 4. China has to pay British an idemnity that opens 5 Chinese ports to western trade 5. British citizens are only subject to British law 6. England gains what is called the “most favorable nation” status meaning that China can trade with anyone but must give England the best deal and first dibs.
  19. Opium Wars-
  20. Russia & Industry
  21. Crimean War
    Happens when Russia decides they wanted the two territories of Moldavia and Walachia (make up Crimea)...which are controlled by the Ottoman empire. They fight over the control of these two territories; Russia has weapons and the Ottomans have soldiers. France and England jump in to help the Ottomans and give them the same weapons the Russians have. The Ottomans win and hence are under the control of England and France. The Crimean war puts an end to the Ottoman empire.
  22. Warring States Era: Japan
    A era in which the many states of Japan are not united at all. You have the shogun (leader) --> daimyo (landowners, nobility, gov’t officials) --> samurai (the muscle of the group; military) --> peasants (everyone else)
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