Gov. test 1

  1. once called Canaan, Land of Israel and then _____
  2. Hadrian changed the name of the province to ______.
  3. why did Hadrian change the name of the province?
    to dissociate the country from its Jewish identity
  4. Israel is a narrow strip of land between the _______ and the ______.
    Mediterranean sea desert
  5. ______ was during the time of Abraham (4,000 years age)
  6. What religions have battled to capture and hold the holy territory?
    Jewish Christian and Muslim
  7. ________have fought the Canaanites, Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hellenists, Romans, Muslim armies and the Crusaders
  8. Even thought they were exiled they were still able to maintain their ________
    Jewish Identity
  9. In the 20th century Muslim Turks were driven out by who?
    the British
  10. The British, in turn, were driven out by groups of ____________ and_________
    Zionist and Palestinian Arabs
  11. Zionists
    Jews who come home
  12. Israel is part of a land bridge connecting _________ to ________
    Asia, Africa
  13. Israel is an important trade route between _______ and _______
    Egypt and Mesopotamia
  14. Who was the first king of Israel in the 11th century?
  15. King David
    • - 2nd king
    • - makes Jerusalem the capital
    • - brings the temple/ the arch of the covenant to Jerusalem
    • - begins conquest of territories form Southern Syria to Eilat
  16. King Solomon
    builds first temple in Jerusalem --> Golden Age of Israelite culture and power
  17. After Solomon dies the empire splits into what two sections?
    Kingdom of Israel in the north and kingdom of Judah in the south
  18. Who conquer Israel in the late 8th century? and what was the outcome
    • Assyrians
    • 10 tribes of northern Israel were taken into captivity and never returned
  19. King Neb
    • Babylonian king
    • conquered Judah
    • razed the temple
    • burned Jerusalem
    • deported many Jews to Mesopotamia ---> Israel captive in Babylon
  20. The aftermath of king neb led to what?
    Persian Domination
  21. Persian Domination
    King Cyrus permitted the Jews to return to Jerusalem and to reveal the 2nd temple --> 2nd temple is built
  22. What happened during the Roman period?
    • the second temple that Cyrus built Herod rebuilt and enlarged temple on a grand scale, covered in gold
    • last major thing to happen before the birth of Jesus Christ
  23. How was Jerusalem destroyed and who destroyed it and what year?
    Titus burned the temple with the rest of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. (after the birth of Jesus)
  24. In 622 the birth and rise of _____ occurred in the Middle East?
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