Vocab List #8

  1. Adamant
    adj. Stubborn; completely inflexible
  2. Address
    v. To speak to
  3. Adherent
    n. Follower; Supporter; Believer
  4. Admonish
    v. To warn
  5. Adroit
    Adj. Skillful; dexterous; clever
  6. Maladroit
    Adj. Incept; lacking skill; awkward
  7. Adulation
    n. Adoration; flattery
  8. Belligerent
    adj. Combative; quarrelsome; waging war
  9. Bemused
    adj. Confused; bewildered
  10. Benefactor
    n. One who provides help, especially in the form of a gift or donation.
  11. Malefactor
    n. One who does bad things
  12. Chasm
    n. Deep, gaping hole; a gorge
  13. Chastise
    v. To inflict punishment on; to discipline
  14. Chicanery
    n. Trickery; deceitfulness
  15. Deference
    n. Submission to another's will; respect; courtesy
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Vocab List #8
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