1. A standard or set of rules that computer network devices follow when transmitting and receiving data is calleda _____.

    D. protocol
  2. An element in a Web page that connects to a different location in the same page or a different page is a _____.

    A. link
  3. Individuals can communicate with each other over the Internet using _____.

    D. all of the above
  4. _____ is a protocol that allows users to log on to a remote computer.

    A. Telnet
  5. An example of a _____ activity is when a collector purchases a collectible item from another individualthrough an online auction Web site.

    A. C2C
  6. The event that spurred the U.S. government to support research directed toward computer networking was_____.

    D. the launch of Sputnik
  7. A _____ is a specific geographic location in which a wireless access point provides public Internet access.

    B. hotspot
  8. A doorway to a wide range of Web-based content and services is called a _____.

    A. portal
  9. A _____ portal focuses on content on a narrow range of topics.

    B. specific-interest
  10. An example of a portal that provides a wide range of topics is _____.

    D. all of the above
  11. A Web user can usually find _____ at a general-interest portal site.

    D. all of the above
  12. Many commercial Web sites provide a _____ visitors can use to find specific information at the site.

    B. search tool
  13. A domain name is a text alias for one or more _____.

    B. IP addresses
  14. You can click the _____ button on the Command bar to subscribe to frequently changing Web content.

    A. Add Web Slices
  15. You can click a Web page title on the _____ list to return to that page.

    D. Recent Pages
  16. The _____ list contains a list of links for Web sites and pages visited in the past few weeks.

    A. History
  17. A _____ is a small, potentially damaging computer program that can infect a computer without its user’sknowledge.

    D. virus
  18. The more _____ used in a query, the more focused the search results will be.

    A. keywords
  19. The first step in determining the quality of the content on a Web page or at a Web site is to examine thepage’s or site’s _____.

    B. authority
  20. _____ is an example of a Web crawler.

    A. Googlebot
  21. Information retrieved by search engine spiders is used to create the search engine’s _____.

    C. index
  22. A spider is also called a _____.

    D. bot
  23. According to Hitwise and Nielsen Online, the most popular search engine used globally is _____.

    B. Google
  24. To exclude specific words from a search query, type NOT or use _____ before the excluded word.

    A. a minus sign
  25. Internet Explorer offers search capabilities through its _____.

    C. Search box
  26. You can use the _____ to search the contents of the active Web page.

    B. Find Bar
  27. _____ is (are) an indispensable online communication tool for businesses and other organizations.

    D. E-mail
  28. _____ is not a characteristic of e-mail.

    C. High cost
  29. A(n) _____ server, like that shown in the accompanying figure, routes e-mail across the Internet to itsdestination.

    D. SMTP
  30. The Windows Mail _____ contains a list of folders used to manage incoming and outgoing messages.

    A. Folder list
  31. Deleted incoming e-mail messages may be retrieved from the Windows Mail _____ folder until the folder isemptied.

    C. Deleted Items
  32. The ____ folder is used to subscribe to and read newsgroup messages.

    B. Microsoft Communities
  33. A Windows Mail contact group is an example of an e-mail _____.

    A. distribution list
  34. A subscriber is automatically accepted for a(n) _____ list as soon as his or her subscription e-mail message isreceived.

    B. open
  35. Which of the following steps, as shown in the accompanying figure, is not part of the process of subscribingto a mailing list? _____

    A. List administrator posts your request to a Web page
  36. _____ is the communication protocol used for newsgroup communications.

    D. NNTP
  37. Newsville is an example of a Web-based _____ host.

    B. newsgroup
  38. A newsgroup designed to help new users get familiar with participating in newsgroups is _____.

  39. Which of the following is a tool used to create a blog?

  40. Eons, Bebo, and hi5 are all examples of social _____ Web sites.

    C. networking
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