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  1. Know your objectives
    Understand how each question contributes to the interview. Know the difference in responses to be able to further probe.
  2. Know your respondent
    Understand what the respondent means. Show interest and appreciation. Show sensitivity to accent, vocabulary, and social context.
  3. Pay attention from the beginning
    Make preparations in advance to allow for a calm setting, so as to allow you to focus on this interview from the first question.
  4. Control the urge for self expression
    Follow the “golden rules”: stop talking, don’t interrupt, and don’t change the subject.
  5. Listen actively
    Evaluate the info in terms of relevance, validity and completeness. Understand meaning and motivation.
  6. Listen empathetically
    Be a sensitive receiver. Send cues that you heard and sympathize. Two way communication is important.
  7. Be patient
    Create a thoughtful, permissive and relaxed atmosphere. Expect errors and repeated efforts.
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