1. define politics
    all activities aimed at changing power realtionships in a society
  2. define chilly climate
    the effect of the working enviroment for those whom were once exluded for an activity when activities of the dominant group are portrayed as as the norm
  3. define paragim
    a set of concepts theories and assumptions accepted and widley used by scholars
  4. define Praxis
    is the relevation that emerges from a sophisticates process of mudding through
  5. define marxism
    focused on the way capitalism structures economic and power relations amoung classes
  6. define intersectionality
    examines how varoius forms of socially and culturally discrimination inter relate on multiple levels.
  7. what are the challeenges of post modern feminism?
    • challenges patricarchy
    • difference is seen as positive
  8. define wave
    a wave is an analogy that refers to highlights within a social movement
  9. what are the 2 main theories of the first wave?
    early liberal feminism - women have the same mental comapsity as men and the world will benefit if women were included

    maternal feminism - believes that women have a unique place in society and because they are mothers.
  10. j.s smith worte " on the subject of women" which she compared women to
  11. what are the activismisms of the first wave?
    • womens christian association -gered to clean up society.wctu -fight against racial impurity
    • reason why first wave ended.
  12. first wave accomplishments
    persons case late first wave.jcp ruled that persons can sit on senante
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