Methods True/False

  1. Conditions conducive to interviewing
      • Time, Space, Temp, Accommodations
      • Will vary depending on the type of interview. Preparation for a particular situation is the key

  2. External and Internal interview conditions
      • Need to be aware of both to influence the “quality” of the interview. Remember you are trying to establish a communicative atmosphere.

  3. Communication skills

    • Involves both Verbal and Non-verbal responses

    • Listening skills are a prereq for all interview responses and strategies. (not automatic)

    • Listening occurs only with intent, effort and concentration on the part of the receiver.

  4. Recognition of Non-Verbal’s
      • Awareness of nonverbal behavior is essential in the listening process.
      • Estimated that 65% or more of messages are conveyed by our conscious and unconscious nonverbal behavior.

  5. Ethics
      • Like morals refers to human behavior
      • Involves CRITICAL thinking about human problems (common sense)
      • Heighten awareness as to possible ethical dilemmas by way of education, review with peers.
      • Frequently review your own ethical behavior honestly

  6. Recording

    • Store relevant info for future use. Allows for further probing (remind to return to a topic)

    • To serve as a reminder to carry out an action

    • Refreshes memory

    • Assists with our interviewing growth. (what did I miss)

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