bible test 1

  1. first step in gaining true knowledge
    the fear of the Lord
  2. What is the fear of the Lord?
    the Lord himself is watching and evaluating every word, thought, action, attitude, and motive of your heart
  3. What do we see about fools?
    they despise wisdom and instruction
  4. vs 8 &9 : Why is it important not to forsake your parents teaching?
    • we may be blocked by barriers that make us face the future realistically
    • unaware problems could exist - naive --> awareness
    • not concerned --> concern
    • don't want to deal with it --> responsibility
  5. Why don't they climb over the barriers?
    • don't want to grow up
    • it won't be cool to think like an adult
    • they will lose prestige
    • they haven't decided yet which model to accept
  6. what is maturity?
  7. The Home and Family: on what major issues should you now be forming opinions and convictions?
    • growing up
    • becoming an adult
    • courtship and marriage
    • parenting
    • knowing God's will
    • work ethics
    • ministry
  8. The Home and Family: "and they lived happily ever after"
    don't count on it
  9. Love: Eros
    • Romantic, erotic love, sensual love
    • focused on self; based on physical attraction, unstable (selfish, changes a lot, "puppy love")
  10. Love: Stergos
    • family, based on filial attraction;
    • love with in a family, natural, undeserved, but strengthened by performance and communication
  11. Love: Phileo
    • friends, deep affection; based on mutual interests
    • based on communication and relationship
  12. Love: Agape
    • Unconditional , unselfish love
    • based on the character of the one loving, unrelated to the character and performance of one being loved
  13. diagram on love
  14. Ranking of love for marriage:
    • Eros: +3 - hollywood--> divorce so quickly\
    • Phileo +8 - friendship is good for a relationship
    • Agape +10 - essential for life
  15. do not set yourself up to fall in love until you are marriageable
    • guard your heart against falling in love
    • don't put yourself in circumstances that would cause you to fall in love prematurely
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