Ch 9: Chest Pain

  1. Aortic dissection is found in patients with what conditions?
    HTN, Marfan's, and syphilis.
  2. Spontaneous pneumothorax is associated with what?
    Vigorous exercise, primarily in men (5:1) in their 20's.
  3. When is variant angina or Prinzmetal angina considered?
    When a patient with chest pain is evaluated and has normal coronary arteries. Ischemic pain is produced by smooth muscle spasm narrowing the artery acutely rather than by thrombotic occlusion.
  4. Unstable angina is defined as:
    rest pain for 20 minutes or more that is likely to be associated with an unstable vessel occlusion and resulting hypoperfusion. Also, new-onset, effort dependent angina and a recent (within 2 months) clincially significant increase in chronic angina symptoms.
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Ch 9: Chest Pain
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