1. Recall
    Remove elected official from office
  2. 17th Amendment
    Let people vote for senators
  3. NAWSA
    National American Womens Suffrage Association
  4. 19th Amendment
    Gave women the right to vote
  5. Suffrage
    The right to vote
  6. Referendum
    People vote on initiative
  7. Muckraker
    People who exposed troubles in government
  8. Meat Inspection Act
    • 1906
    • Dictated strict cleanliness requirements for meat packers
  9. Gifford Pinchot
    • Head of U.S. Forest Service under Roosevelt
    • Was fired by Taft
  10. Ellis Island​
    • 20% of imagrants passed through here
    • In New York harbor
  11. Angel Island​
    • Asian Imagrants
    • San Fransisco Bay
  12. Chinese Exclusion Act
    Banned entry of all asians except teachers, merchants, tourists, and government officals
  13. Melting pot
    A mix of races and cultures that blend together and speak same language
  14. Nativism​
    Favoring native born americans
  15. Gentlemen’s Agreement
    Japan limited the entry of unskilled workers to the US
  16. Queen Liliuokalani​
    Was queen of Hawaii 1893
  17. Alfred T. Mahan​
    • Admiral of Navy
    • Built up the US naval powers
  18. Pearl Harbor​
    US built naval base in Hawaii 1887
  19. Imperialism​
    When stronger nation take over military, politics, or economics of a smaller nation
  20. William Seward​
    • Secratary of state under Abe Lincoln and Andrew Johnson
    • Bought Alaska from Russia
    • Supported expansion
  21. Jose Marti​
    A Cuban poet and journalist
  22. Sanford B. Dole
    Captured Hawaii
  23. Yellow journalism​
    Style of writting which exagerated the truth
  24. George Dewey​
    • Commodore
    • Landed in philippines
  25. ​Valeriano Weyler​
    • Sent to Cuba by Spain to resore order
    • Sent Cubans into concentration camps
  26. U.S.S. Maine​
    • Was sent to Cuba to bring home americans
    • Was blown up and 260 men died
  27. Rough Riders​
    A calvary under Roosevelt and Wood
  28. Treaty of Paris
    Gave US Philpines, Guam, and Puerto Rico
  29. Foraker Act​
    Ended military rule in Puerto Rico and set up civil government
  30. Platt Amendment​
    • What US had Cuba add to their constitution
    • Cuba could not let anyother nations control it
    • US could intervine in Cuba
    • Cuba could not go into debt
    • US could rent land from Cuba
  31. Protectorate
    A country whos affairs are handled by another nation
  32. Emilio Aguinaldo​
    Fought for freedom in Phillippines
  33. John Hay​
    • US Secratary of State
    • Created the open door notes
  34. Open Door notes
    • A letter sugesting that other naions share trade with US
    • Made it so there wasnt a monopoly over China
  35. Boxer Rebellion​
    When a bunch of Chinese people were killing missionaries and other foregners
  36. Panama Canal​
    • Bought by US from Spain
    • In Panama ruled by Colombia
    • Roosevelt
    • Took 10 years to build
  37. Roosevelt Corollary
    • 1904
    • Added to Monroe Doctrine
    • Said US had right to had right to protect economy by military intervene in western hemisphere nations
  38. Dollar diplomacy​
    • Let other countries buy loans from the US
    • Taft
  39. Francisco Villa
    Rebelled against Caranza in Mexico
  40. John Pershing
    • Was sent to capture Villa
    • Was sent by President Wilson
  41. Nationalism
    Devotion to culture and intrests of ones nation
  42. ​militarism
    The creation of a military and their use
  43. ​Allies​
    • The Tripple Entente
    • Great Britain, France, Russia
  44. Central Powers
    • Triple Alliance
    • Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  45. Archduke Franz Ferdinand​
    • Heir to Austrian thrown
    • Killed in Bosnia
  46. No Man’s land​
    A empty land that was destroyed by machine guns
  47. ​Trench warfare
    Dugouts in the ground which were fought for
  48. ​Lusitania
    A British liner which was sunk by a U-boat
  49. Zimmerman note​
    • A letter from German foreign minister to Mexico asking for alliance
    • Promising to regain Mexican land
    • Was intersected by Britain and given to US
  50. Selective Service Act
    Set up the a draft during WW1
  51. Convoy system​
    • System where a heavy gaurd boat led merchant ships
    • British
  52. American Expedition Force
    • Fought with Allies in Europe
    • Led by Gen. John J Pershing
  53. General John J Pershing​
    Led the American Expedition Force
  54. Armistice​
    • Truce that ended war
    • Signed by Germany
  55. conscientious objector
    Someone who didnt support war because of the Bible
  56. ​War Industries Board​
    • Created 1917
    • Lead by Bernard M. Baruch
    • Had companies create weapons for war
  57. propaganda​
    A form of media that tries to influence the people
  58. George Creel​
    • Lead the Committee on Public Information
    • Muckraking jurnalist
  59. Great Migration
    Hundreds of thousands of blacks moved into the cities in the north
  60. Espionage and Sedition Acts​
    Could be finned and thrown in jail if interfiered with the war
  61. 14 Points​
    • Wilsons speech before congress
    • Ways to prevent another war
    • Set up boundary changes
    • Established League of Nations
  62. League of Nations​
    Association of nations established to promote peace
  63. Treaty of Versailles​
    • Established nine new nations
    • Took away Germanys army
    • Had Germany pay for war
  64. Reparations​
    War Damages
  65. Henry Cabot Lodge
    Senator against the Treaty of Versailles
  66. Nativism​
    Prejudice against foreing born
  67. Isolationism
    Pulling away from involvement in world affairs
  68. Communism​
    • A government where their is equall wealth and power
    • Ruled by dictator
  69. Anarchists​
    People who opposed government
  70. ​Sacco and Vanzetti​
    • Arrested for murdering a paymaster
    • Were said to have been mistreated because they were Italian
    • Were executed
  71. Quota system​
    • 1921
    • Established a maximum number of people entering from each country
  72. KKK​
    Tried driving non Americans out of the country
  73. Ohio Gang​
    Hardings friends who played poker with him
  74. Warren G. Harding​
    • 1921
    • Return to normalcy
    • Joined KKK
  75. Teapot Dome ​
    Albert B Falls secretly leased oil rich land for money and land
  76. Albert Fall
    • Friend of oil executives
    • Caused Teapot dome scandal
  77. Calvin Coolidge
    President after Harding
  78. Urban sprawl
    The spread of cities
  79. Installment plan
    Let people pay for things over a long period of time
  80. ​Prohibition
    • 21st Ammendment
    • Banned the use of alchol
  81. Speakeasy
    Hidden nightclubs
  82. Bootlegger​
    Someone who sold alcohol
  83. Fundamentalism
    Believed all information was in bible
  84. Scopes trial​
    A science teacher taught students of evalution
  85. Clarence Darrow​
    The lawyer who defended scopes
  86. Flapper​
    • Modern women who were into latest fashion
    • Smoked and drank
  87. Double standard​
    Gave men more sexual freedom
  88. Charles Lindbergh​
    • Flew across the Atlantic 33 hours and 29 minutes
    • Spirit of St. Louis
  89. F. Scott Fitzgerald​
    Wrote the Great Gatsby
  90. Ernest Hemingway​
    A veteran author
  91. Marcus Garvey​
    • Founded UNIA
    • Believed African Americans should create theie own society
  92. Langston Hughes
    Poet of 1920
  93. ​Louis Armstrong ​
    A 1920's Jazz trumpet player and singer
  94. Duke Ellington
    A Jazz pianist of 1920's
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