NursingINFORMATICS midterm

  1. DSS
    • Decision Support System: Computer
    • applications designed to facilitate human decision making processes
    • “Any computer-based support of medical, managerial, administrative, and financial
    • decisions in healthcare using knowledge bases and/or reference material."
  2. Ergonomics
    • -
    • In the United States, this term is used to describe the physical characteristics of equipment, for example, the optimal fit of a scissors to a human hand
  3. Expert Systems
    • A type of decision support system that implements the knowledge of one or more
    • human experts
  4. HCI
    Human Computer Interaction:The processes, dialogues and actions that a user employs to interact with a computer; also the study of interaction between people (users) and computers
  5. INS
    Informatics Nurse Specialist: An RN with formal, graduate education in the field of informatics or a related field and is considered a specialist in the field of nursing informatics.
  6. IN
    Informatics Nurse: An RN with an interest or experience working in an informatics field. A generalist in the field of informatics in nursing
  7. Informatics Solution
    A generic term used to describe the product an IN specialist recommends after identifying and analyzing an issue
  8. Information Literacy
    A generic term used to describe the product an IN specialist recommends after identifying and analyzing an issue
  9. Nano Technology
    Microscopic technology on the order of one-billionth of a meter
  10. NI
    Nursing Informatics: - A specialty that integrates nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in nursing practice
  11. Usability
    The ease with which people can use an interface to achieve a particular goal; issues of human performance during computer interactions for specific tasks within a particular context.
  12. Wisdom (are you kidding me? i cannot believe this is a vocab word. I want my 40 grand back)
    Knowledge applied in a practical way or translated into actions
  13. Metastructures
    overarching concepts used in theory and science
  14. What concerns all nurses, no matter what area their area of practice?
    Data, information, and knowledge are of concern to nurses in all areas of practice.
  15. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
    While knowledge focuses on what is known; wisdom focuses on the appropriate application of that knowledge.
  16. What is an example of applied wisdom?
    An example of applied wisdom demonstrating this integration in NI is the appropriate use of information management and technological tools to support effective nursing practice.
  17. What is the main concern of Nursing Informatics
    NI is now concerned with the use of information technology to improve the access and quality of health care that is delivered to individuals, families and communities
  18. What 3 sciences does nursing informatics consist of?
    Computer science, information science and nursing science
  19. CNPII
    the Committee on Nursing Practice Information Infrastructure
  20. What are the fundamental components of NI?
    Informatics tools and methods from computer and information sciences
  21. Information Technology
    includes computer hardware, software, communication, and network technologies, derived primarily from computer science.
  22. Information Structures
    organize data, information, and knowledge for processing by computers.
  23. Information Management
    • is an elemental process within informatics in which one is able to file, store, and manipulate data for various uses.
    • The use of information technology distinguishes informatics from more traditional methods of information management.
  24. 4 Key concepts in the metaparadigm of nursing
    • Nurse
    • Person
    • Health
    • Environment
  25. What is an Expert System?
    An expert system is a type of decision support system that implements the knowledge of one or more human experts.
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