1. is multible inheritance allowed in interfaces ?
  2. Can you have multible inheritance in C#
    C# like Jave allows only for single inheritance NO multible inheritance
  3. can structures be inherited
  4. show an accessor example
    • public int StudentAge
    • {
    • get { return studentAge;}
    • set {studentAge=value;}
    • }
  5. what's the order of calls to the constructors?
    base class constructors are called first
  6. what does sealed class means
    • sealed will prevent your class from being inherited by another class
    • sealed keyword is identical to Java's final keyword
  7. what is the name of the class that all classes are implicitly inherited from ?
    object in system namespace
  8. late binding is achieved with ?
    • polymorphisism,
    • class Shape{
    • public virtual void Draw(){}
    • }
    • class Circle:Shape
    • {
    • public override void Draw(){}
    • }
    • static void Main(){
    • Shape theShape = new Circle();
    • theShape.Draw(); // late binding circle draw will be called POLYMORPHISM
  9. the namespace keyword is used to
    declare a scope , it lets you organize code and gives you a way to create globally unique classes
  10. using keyword is used
    to inform the compiler where to search for the definition of the classes that you are about to use in your classes
  11. array is
    • a collection of values of similar datatype , they are reference type and inherited from System.array
    • int [] integers = new int[10];
    • int [] integers = {3,4,6}; //declaring and initializing
  12. foreach is implemented in your class if you derive from the interface called
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