Exam 1 Methods

  1. I take the Human Relations Approach..
    • * I promote unity
    • * promote tolerance
    • * accept differences
    • * a frequent strategy to use: role playing
    • * danger of oversimplifying though, be careful!
  2. eight rules of improv
    • - Don't ask ?'s
    • - make assumptions
    • - don't deny
    • - trust!
    • - listen watch and concentrate
    • - work at the top of your intelligence
    • - make actional choices
    • - give and take
  3. Teachers learn about race, ethnicity, and bias from..
    parents and teachers-- how this is explained is key

    good answer: Some kids were left in gods oven longer then others
  4. To embody the diverse young people..
    we must be aware of our own social identitys and be more sensitive to our audiences and students
  5. Feel Good Factor
    Apparent in most childrens theatre- Good Triumps over Evil, fantasy creatures, fairytales.
  6. Theatre teachers respond to differences by..
    by making it the subject of their work
  7. Drama teachers respond to differences by..
    making it the subject of their work.
  8. Culture can be seen as..
    the description of the material products of a society and therotical concepts which explains why groups act the way they do
  9. Teacher of Caucasians..
    Should not assume that they are excused of attending to difference.

    Diversity is defined as.. having indiviuality markers such as race, religion, social status etc.
  10. Our choices are supported by our..
    idealogical thoughts ( what we believe) and our idenity ( social background, racial background, religious background etc.
  11. Multicultural education promotes..
    • * social sturucture equality and social pluraism
    • * school is a rehearsal of democratic principles
    • * yields: curriculmn reform, parent involvement, examination of practices.
  12. I take the... Single Group Studies Approach.
    • * In depth look at one cultural group at a time
    • * helps broaden perspective
    • * sheds light on normal vs. abnormal in schools.
  13. How do I teach... The Culturally Different?
    • * Focus on Achievement
    • * use culturally compatable education methods
    • * raise sucess rates from marginalist groups
    • * Mainstream
    • * Assimilate
    • * Remediation and Catch up
    • * presumes deficiency with youth
    • * feelings first, facts later
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