Magic, Science, Religion

  1. How has the definition of science changed
  2. How has the definition of religion changed?
  3. How has the definition of magic changed?
    Has not changed
  4. Old definition of science
  5. old definition of religion
    • very specific
    • monks
    • award of other religions, but no notion of connection
  6. What is the definiton of religion now?
  7. What is the definition of science now?
    • double meaning
    • 1) way of interpreting natural world around us
    • 2) institution, eg. Chem, Bio, Astronomy
  8. What is the definition of magic now?
    very few know what it means
  9. Herodotus and Egypt
    • old and big
    • makes comparisions - trying to overcome distance and age
    • translation of Gods
  10. Plato and Egypt
    • ancestor solon talk to preists
    • story of heirolgyphics and atalantis
    • thoth same as Hermes
  11. What did Hermes invent?
    • Numbers
    • Math
    • Astronomy
    • Drafts and Dice
    • Alphabet
  12. Greeks thoughts on writing
    the defining art
  13. Greeks thoughts on numbers and calculations
    • Pythagorus
    • numbers foundation of everything in the cosmos
  14. Greeks thoughts on Mathmatics and Astronomy
    • Largely geometrical
    • Came from Messoptamia in reality
  15. Greeks thoughts on Drafts and Dice
    • Have divinitaroy power
    • finding patterns
  16. Greeks thoughts on Music
    • Pathgorus scale, can't tune it
    • music can manipulate the soul
  17. Greek thoughts on poetry
    doesn't survive, most gets swallowed up with music
  18. Greek thoughts on Medicine
  19. Greek thoughts on writing
    • complicated
    • a really big deal in the history of magic
  20. When was the Hermetica actually written?
    • 1-3rd c. Alexandria
    • same context and place as gospels
  21. gnosis
    • salvation through knowledge and wsitom
    • less common in non-Hermetic texts
  22. What was in the Hermetic texts
    • gnosis
    • phlisophical - not much magic
    • read a lot of plato
    • distinctly egyptian biased
  23. How many books are i the corpus Hermeticum
  24. macrocosm/microcosm
    as above so below
  25. as above so below means...
    • reflected in body
    • corespondence - divine image
    • inner state of soul counts as much as what you do
    • 1 soul
  26. theurgy
    telling gods what to do
  27. Lactantius view of Hermetica
    • explanation of Chrstianity
    • Hermes man way back in time
    • basically christian doctrines
    • monotheist
    • Good is lord and father
    • 2nd god - offspring, Hermes - earth,
    • Prophecy fo fall of egypt = revelations
  28. Why does Lactantius want Hermes as an ally?
    • spread gospel to hellenistic
    • spiritual wisdom come from Hermes
  29. What does Augustine think of the Hermetica
    • working with uneducated pagans - Hermes is educated
    • Lots of Christian ideology - doesn't want more thoguhts
    • Already losing texts
    • God's distant
    • Heremes talks about Gods in statues - demons or delusions
    • God making not going work
    • Hermes is sad about the end of demonic magic
  30. How does deMedici view the Hermetica
    • through Lactanius eyes
    • mroe important than Plato
    • think Plato copy Hermetica not the other way around
  31. PGM
    • Late Egyptian Prestly
    • instiutional athority gone
    • connected to Corpus Hermetica
  32. Reasons the PGM could have been collected
    • afraid knowledge will be lost
    • bored - nothing better to do
    • book for local magician
  33. What did early christians believe about magic?
    that it had worked in the dark days, but that it wasn't at working any more
  34. Since they didn't know that Corpus Hermetica was referencing PGM what did the Christians think?
    • talking about Christianity
    • Not his fault that he didn't know Jesus
  35. What are the times as refered to and thought of by early christians and the Hermetica
    • Hermes
    • 1-3rd c. Alexandria
    • Prophecy/Fall
    • Restitution
  36. daemon
    could mean Satan or Angle, but God on top
  37. What were the five periods of occult history?
    • ancient
    • late antiquity
    • medieval
    • early modern
    • modern
  38. What was the dates for ancient?
    less than 500BC
  39. what were the dates for late antiquity
  40. what were the dates for medieval
  41. what were the dates for early modern/
  42. what are the dates for modern?
    1700 onward
  43. What happened in the occult ancient period
    • mythical antiuqity
    • Hermes, Moses, Babylonians
  44. What happened in the occult late antiquity period
    • greek phlopsphy (Plato, Aristotle)
    • Other authoritative texts (Golem, Ptolemy)
  45. What happened in the medieval period of occult history
    • loss of origional texts and languages
    • everything distorted
  46. what happened in the early modern period of occult history
    • recover of origional texts and anguages
    • actual texts - readable
    • protestent reformation, science
    • kings
    • discovery
    • completely different world
  47. What happened in the modern period of occult history?
    • search for new types of origins
    • building on foundations from early modern
  48. Radical Novelty
    • usually as revival
    • Martin Luther - return of older church
  49. Genuienly new things
    • framework of medevial
    • clame to go back before middle ages
  50. 3 definitions of magic
    • everything is bad about medieval
    • eveything bad about early modern not in medieval
    • stuff that got forgotten from antiqutity
  51. astrology
    the general motions of the earth
  52. North star is also called
    pole star
  53. ecliptic
    the sun around earth - year
  54. celestial equator
    the sun around the earth - day
  55. Summer solstice
    farthest North part of the sun
  56. Winter solctice
    farthest south part of the ecliptic
  57. Which zodiak represent the sun farthest apart
    cancer and capricorn
  58. horizon
    plane I am perpendicular to right now
  59. natal astrology
    time of birth
  60. houses base on
    where I am right now
  61. Retrograde motion
    • mars, Jupiter, and saturn go backwards
    • not in one night, but from night to night
  62. Chrysteline Spheres
    • perfect
    • regular upsets universe
  63. epicycle
    mars goes like a spirograph
  64. descriptive model
    just tell how it is - no debates
  65. explanatory model
    why are they the way it is
  66. The Aristolelian/Ptolemaic System
    • 1. Cosmos oriderly designed
    • 2. No reason to add complexity unless you have to
    • 3. 4 elements
    • 4. everything in motion towards a goal
    • 5. Nature abhors a vacume
    • 6. In time the elements are going to sperate into 4 layers
  67. The 4 elements from heaviest to lightest
    rock, water, air, fire
  68. 5th element
    clear, perfect, doesn't change, light
  69. Motion of universe
    • rubbing against each other
    • one planet in each ring
  70. Planets made of
    • perfect mixture
    • have a certain sympathy
  71. unmoved mover
    something moving it outside starts - God
  72. Why should the motion of the planets affect us?
  73. How can free will be justified with astrology
    • 1. will bounded by conditions stars tell conditions
    • 2. stars don't confine free will, incline, do not compel
  74. Natal astrologist
    simple easy
  75. Horary or Judical astrology
    • should I mary
    • good time for trip
    • more complicated = more explasnation
  76. Mundane astrology
    astrology of kings
  77. Some arguments agaisnt astrology
    • predictions seem uncertain
    • contrary to religion
    • why is birth ony influence
    • shouldn't we have figured out best metiod
    • oditieis
    • fastes humor goes to slowest planet
    • exposeure
    • procession of equinox
  78. 3 types of objection to astrology
    • 1. moral/theological
    • 2. corespondance
    • 3. mathmatical
  79. Precession of equnioxes
    • after 2000 years a new zodiak
    • sun slips backwards from stars
  80. equant
    midpoint wiht midopoint of circles
  81. 3 motions of the earth
    • around it's axis
    • aroudn the sun
    • twists like a cone around its core
  82. Stellar Parallax
    • star ought to shift
    • -observations aren't good enough
    • -stars a lot farther away
  83. What happened to astrology?
    • No mechanism
    • no reasons to accept
  84. Tycho Brahe
    • greatest observer
    • precision instruments
    • best naked eye astronomy ever
  85. Tyconic model
    earth in center and the other planets go in not perfectly aligned spheres
  86. Galileo Galilei
    • argue old points i less complex ways
    • telescope, demonstate Tycho without math
  87. 2 major reasons for heresy in astronomy
    • 1. helocentric
    • 2. how to read scripture
  88. Kepler
    • worked for Tyco
    • eliptical orbits
    • 3 laws of planetary motion
  89. anima matrix
    the motive force radiated by the sun
  90. When were most of the witch hunts?
    between 1450-1750
  91. Who was atypically the one to be accused of being a witch
    • woman
    • unmarried
    • over 60 years
  92. Which area had the most witch hunts?
  93. Which area had the least witch hunts?
    Italy and Spain
  94. Which area had a median amount of witch hunts?
    England, Scotland, France
  95. Which courts handled most of the witch hunts?
  96. The sabbath
    • ride out on broomsticks
    • worship devil
    • orgastic
    • parady of church, but inverted
    • canablistic infanticide
    • anti-christian
  97. The canon episcopi
    • women decieved into believing they ride out with pagan gods
    • all dilusion
    • don't worry, tell them to stop
  98. dissemination of the witch story
    • low literacy rate
    • developed story by learneed scholars
    • terrible danger, have to warn the populice
  99. Accusatorial stystem
    libable if accusted found innocent

    responicible for procusting

    show of evidence

    • case -hand of god
    • Champion
    • Compurgation - swear oath
  100. Inquisitorial system
    • officer try to find out
    • discover crime and can also detect
    • dection
    • interigations secret, but painstakingly recroded
    • torture chamber
  101. England courts
    • jury system
    • accusatrial ssytem, but with two impartial
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