Word List 23

  1. hibernal
  2. hieroglyphic
    picture writing
  3. hilarity
    boisterous mirth or laughter
  4. hindmost
    furthest behind
  5. hinterlands
    back country
  6. hireling
    one who serves for hire
  7. hirsute
  8. hoary
    white with age
  9. holocaust
    destruction by fire
  10. homespun
    domestic; made at home
  11. homily
    a sermon or discourse on a moral or religious topic
  12. hoodwink
    to deceive; delude
  13. horde
  14. hortatory
    urging to some course of conduct or action; exhorting; encouraging
  15. horticultural
    pertaining to cultivation of gardens
  16. hovel
    shack; small, wretched house
  17. hubbub
    confused uproar
  18. hubris
    arrogance; excessive self-conceit
  19. humdrum
    dull; monotonous
  20. humility
    humbleness of spirit
  21. hummock
    small hill
  22. humus
    the dark organic material in soils, produced by the decomposition of vegetable or animal matter and essential to the fertility of the earth
  23. hurtle
    to rush
  24. husband
    use sparingly; conserve; save
  25. husbandry
    frugality; thrift
  26. mongrel
    hybrid; mixed breed
  27. unduly
  28. hypochondriac
    person unduly worried about his health
  29. ichthyology
    study of fish
  30. idiom
    expression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words
  31. idyllic
    charmingly simple or rustic
  32. igneous
    produced by fire; volcanic
  33. ignominy
    shame; disgrace; dishonor
  34. illusory
    deceptive; unreal
  35. imbibe
    to drink in
  36. imbroglio
    complicated situation; embroilment
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