MM Chapter 7

  1. An object seen by the human eye remains chemically mapped on the retina for a brief time after viewing. this phenomenon is called?
  2. The human mind needs to conceptualyl complete a precieved action. This phenomena is called?
  3. To make an object travel across the screen while it changes shape , just change the shape and also move or ______ it a few pixels for each?
  4. The animation technique made famous by Disney involves showing a different image for each frame. this technique iscalled______ animation.
  5. The first and last frames of an action are called?
  6. The series of frames in between the first and last frames in an action are drawn in a process called?
  7. In computer animation terminology,____ usually refers to special methofs that allow images to blend or otherwise mix thier colors to produce special transparencies , inversions, and effects.
  8. The study of the movement and motion of structures that have joints is called?
  9. The effect in which one image transforms into another is known as?
  10. Most authoring packages include visual effects such as?
  11. The term cel derives from?
  12. What is not a reason why animation is perceived as motion?
  13. movies on film are typically shot at a shutter rate of?
  14. The clear sheets that were used for drawing each frame of animation have been replaced today by?
  15. Today's computer animation programs most closely resembles?
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MM Chapter 7
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