Multimedia Chapters 7&8

  1. An object seen by the human eye remains chemically mapped on the retina for a brief time after viewing.
    Persistance of viewing
  2. The human mind needs to conceptually complete a perceived action.
  3. To make an object travel across the screen while it changes its shape, just....
    Translate it a few pixels for each frame.
  4. The animation technique made famous by Disney; showing a different image for each frame
    Cel animation
  5. The first and last frames of an action
  6. Process of drawing the frames inbetween the first and last
  7. Special methods that allow images to blend to produce transparencies, inversions, and special f/x
  8. Study of movement and motion of structures
  9. One image transforms into another
  10. Most authoring packages include what visual effects?
    Wipes, fades, zooms, and dissolves
  11. The term cel derives from...
    The clear celluloid sheets that were used for drawing each frame
  12. Movies on film are typically shot at a rate of...
    24 frames per second
  13. Clear sheets used for animation have been replaced by...
    digital paper
  14. Today's computer animation programs most closely resemble...
    traditional cel animation
  15. One major technical limitation in animation is...
    The computer's processing ability
  16. Animation may be jerky if each frame is shown for more than...
    1/15th of a second
  17. Linking objects together and defining their relationship (hands to arms, elbows cannot bend backwards)
    Inverse Kinematics
  18. to create a smooth transition when morphing, there must be numerous...
    Key Points
  19. What is the standard frame rate of computer animations
    depends on the file's settings
  20. Most widely used tool for creating vector-based animations
  21. Director file format has which extension?
    .dir and .dcr
  22. File format most widely supported for web animations
  23. Flash uses this to keep the post-compression file size at absolute minimums
    Vector Graphics
  24. Hard-disk system that supports high-speed data transfer rates
    RAID (Redudant Array of Independent Disks)
  25. Television signal format used in US and most countries
    NTSC (National Television Standards Committee)
  26. Technique that builds a single frame from two fields to help prevent flicker
  27. keep critical text and graphics inside this on the image
    Safe title area
  28. Technique in which playback starts when enough data has transfered to the player's computer
  29. TV signal format used in France, Russia, and few other countries
    SECAM (Sequential Color and Memory)
  30. Schemes that compress a video for delivery and then decode it during playback
  31. Interleaving audio and video segments and putting all info in one file (Quicktime movie on CD or website)
  32. Length of time it takes for the CD-ROM player to locate data on the disk
    Seek Time
  33. Codec in AVI and Quicktime and is optimized for CD-ROM playback
  34. CCD stands for... (sensor that picks up light)
    Charge-Coupled Device
  35. Monitor output is calibrated to display an image that....
  36. Removing a residual magnetic field that distirts the colors on a TV screen
  37. A video signal transmitted with all the signals mixed together on a single cable
    Composite Video
  38. Technique of drawing the lines of an entire frame in a single pass
    Progressive Scan
  39. What is an example of videotape format?
    Component Y?
  40. When does generation loss occur?
    an analog tape is copied to another analog tape
  41. What does MPEG stand for?
    Moving Picture Expert Group
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