1. HOw did shakespear know so much about Ancient Greece and Rome?
    The was a hsareholder in a london theatrical company when he was 30 yrs
  2. Anno Domini (A.D.) In the year of the Lord
    Written by William Shakespeare who was born in 1564
    The English were monotheistic (believed in one God) Christianity
    Martian Luther- Catholic Monk who posted the 95 thesis that went against the church's indulgences
    He created the first Protestant Church outside of the cathedral
    • The King of England> King Henry the 8th was given the name defensor fideii> defender of the faith
    • went against the church because he wanted to divorce his wife because she couldn't give him any boys
    • Started the Anglican Church, and cardinal Woolsey was executed because he didnt recognize the new arraignment
    • Thomas Morre was King Henry's advisor who didnt believe in the new arraignment
    • Elizabeth succeeded King Henry and killed her elder sister because she had plotted to overthrow her
  3. Lord Chamberlain was a patron of that theatrical company (the closest advisor to the king)
    at age 32 Shakespeare was given the coat of arms recognized by the state-the flag of England
    He was one of the most influential writers in English language
    Although Hamlet took place in denmark, it spoke of problems in England
    Purgatory- a place of punishment, the dead are punished until they are purged of their sins and then they are sent to heaven
    • an operation is a ghost which the people of denmark have seen twice
    • the ghost is hamlets father
    • seeing the ghost suggest that something has happened or something bad is about to happen
    • the ghost is a bad omen of the state
    • the ghost did not reply when they talked to it and so they decide to tell HAMLET
  4. Claudius is the King and The Queen is Hamlets mother
    Hamlet is the protagonist Colonius is the Kings Chamberlain
    A Foil-a character used in literature to show contrast between the major character and other characters
    Hamlet and Laertes are alike because they are both college students-Hamlet attened the University of Wittenburg where Martin Luther taught

    Hamlet looks at his uncles and mothers marriage as incest and is not happy
    England believed that the ghost can join them on earth but they would have to return in the morning,which is showed through the coring of the rooster
    • Polonius was giving Laertes advice before he went off to college
    • -dont judge anyone
    • -dont dress in a loud godly manner
    • -dont lend money because you may be out of money and friendship

    When hamlet talks to his fathers ghost, he promises to avenge his death
  5. Hamlet gives his soliloquy in which he contemplates suicide
    The Queen and King sent Ophelia to try and see what was wrong with hamlet but he told her that she should go to a nunnery ( a place where nuns live)

    The Ghost Told Hamlet that he was killed, but Hamlet is skeptical becasue he thinks this operation could be the devil
    • The King decides to send Hamlet to England, but wants the Queen to talk to him
    • They send actors to entertain him but in return, Hamlet gets the actors to put on a play acting out what he thinks happened to his father to see how Claudius reacts
  6. Hamlet see's the king in the Chapel praying and contemplates on killing him but comes to the conclusion that if he did then he wouldnt properly avenge his fathers death because inorder for the kings soul to go to purgatory he would have to be doing something sinful at the time of death

    In order for the king to be properly washed away of his sins, he needs Restitution. he would have to restore the throne to hamlet, which he doesnt want to do
    • Hamlet kills polonious
    • The Queen tells the king
    • everyone knows Hamlet killed polonious and hamlets friends try to find out where the body is hidden
    • Hamlet tells the king however, if he does not find polonious' body in a month then his nose would lead him to the body
  7. Laertes returns home from school to learn about his fathers death, he is determined to avenge his fathers death right away
    Leartes challenges Hamlet to a Duel and all the while The King and his followers conspire against him and plan to put poison on the end of their sword which would fatally wound Hamlet

    The Final Scene
    -Hamlet is wounded
    -Laertes is wounded
    -Hamlet finally kills the King
    -the queen drank from the cup of poison and dies
    • The grave diggers discuss whether Ophelia should be buried a Christian or not since she committed suicide
    • -Requiem-mask for the dead so they may Rest In Peace
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