FSC Mid-term

  1. What is SAFCS?
    Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
  2. What is the FCS Original Discipline?
    Focuses on an integrative approach to the reciprocal relationships amoung individuals, families,and communities as well as the enviornments in which they function
  3. Who is the original founder of FCS?
    Ellen Swallow Richards
  4. What are three current issues in FCS?
    • 1. Obesity
    • 2.The recession
    • 3. Widespread Unemployment
  5. What is the Morill Act of 1862?
    An act enacted to designate a parcel of land in each state to be used for establishing a university.

    by Abraham Lincoln
  6. What is the host, location, and name of the event that launched the discipline of FCS?
    Summer Conference in Lake placid held by Mevil Dewey
  7. What is the original name of FCS?
    it was the AHEA ----> American Home Economics Association
  8. What are the three options that EIU offers as a major in FCS?
    • 1. Dietetics Option
    • 2. Family Services Option
    • 3. Apparel & Textiles, Consumer Studies, Hospitality, and Merchandising Option
  9. Where was the "Rumford Kitchen" displayed to a mass of people?
    At the Worlds Fair
  10. What are the 10 eco trends that emerged after an enviornmental scan?
    • 1. Ageing population
    • 2. Digital Technology
    • 3. Genetically modified products
    • 4. Nutritionally enhanced fruits and veggies
    • 5. an Altered institution- marriage rates down, and kids raised w/one parent
    • 6. Protecting the enviornment while accomodating growth
    • 7. no majority ethic group
    • 8. more women owning their own business
    • 9. people plan to work after retirement
    • 10. live in one part of the country and employed in another
  11. Professional Disciplines that influenced FCS over the years?
    Trade Unions, the national consumer leauge,YWCA, Womens sufferage movement, The american dietetics Association,
  12. What is the Human Ecosystem?
    How the major areas of study in FCS - Food,Shelter, Clothing, and Relationships all contribute to the well-being of individuals
  13. What is the interface of FCS?
    Strengthening children, families and communities to be safe, healthy and thriving.
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