Global History and Geography Introductory Unit Review

  1. culture
    how a group meets it basic needs, and their way of life
  2. cultural diffusion
    the spreading of cultural traits
  3. ethnocentric
    viewing cultures in the perspective of your own
  4. anthropologist
    people who study humans and their works
  5. cultural generality
    traits common to most cultures
  6. cultural universal
    traits common to all cultures
  7. cultural particularities
    traits specific to only one culture
  8. how do we know what happened in the past?
    record and artifacts
  9. the 5 themes of geography
    region, location, place, movement, human interaction with the environment
  10. region
    area with something that sepeartes it from other regions
  11. location
    using landmarks and latitude/longitude
  12. place
    cultural characteristics and physical characteristics
  13. movement
    transportation of people, goods, and communication
  14. why does a cultural change take place?
    accidents/mistake, trade, diffusion, needs, war
  15. why is a culture diverse
    different people with different environments they need to adapt too
  16. economic systems
    how a group provides for their needs and wants with limited resources
  17. the 4 economic systems
    traditional, market, command, mixed
  18. traditional economic system
    makes products for themselves
  19. market economy
    makes what the consumer wants
  20. command economic system
    the government decides what to do
  21. mixed economy
    a market economy with government involvement
  22. what a government is supposed to do
    provide, defend, and organize the people
  23. types of political systems
    republic, democratic, dictatorship, oligarchy, and theocracy
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Global History and Geography Introductory Unit Review
Global History and Geography Introductory Unit Review