Social Studies Ch2

  1. a long detailed story
  2. A large estate run by an owner or manager and farmed by laborers who lived there
  3. Plantation
  4. Columbus's small ships on his voyage to find a western route to Asia
    Nina and Pinta
  5. The largest ship on Columbus’s first voyage in 1492, Columbus was also captain.
    Santa Maria
  6. An agreement to move the line of demarcation farther west. It divided the entire unexplored world between Spain and Portugal
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  7. writings by Marco Polo about his experiences in Asia. It was read throughout Europe, and inspired Christopher Columbus to sail the opposite direction to reach the East.
  8. word meaning “rebirth”, a period of intellectual and artistic creativity, changed the way Europeans thought about themselves and the world. It paved the way for an age of exploration and discovery.
  9. Name Spanish Class System
    Peninsulares (Top Class), Creoles (Middle Class), and Mestizos (Lower Class).
  10. the theory that a state’s or nation’s power depended on its wealth.
  11. German priest who rejected many Catholic practices including the authority of the Pope, he declared that the bible was the only true guide for Christians and that faith was the only way to salvation, not good deeds.
    Martin Luther
  12. Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
    Hernan Cortes
  13. Explored South Africa and founded the Cape of Good Hope
    Bartholomeu Dias
  14. a prince who sent out crews to explore for him and collect data, began “school of navigation” where astronomers, geographers, and mathematicians shared their knowledge with Portuguese ship builders.
    Henry the Navigator
  15. Completed the eastern sea route to Asia
    Vasco de Gama
  16. Landed in present day Florida and founded the first port in America, St. Augustine.
    Juan Ponce de Leon
  17. Sailed down the Pacific coast to South America. He conquered the Incan Empire by killing their emperor.
    Francisco Pizarro
  18. Believed to have explored a land west of Greenland known as Vinland.
    Leif Eriksson
  19. First person to sail around the world.
    Ferdinand Magellan
  20. Explorer and author of the book Travels
    Marco Polo
  21. stood up for the Native Americans and suggested replacing Native American slaves with Africans, which her regretted later.
    Las Casas
  22. founded Quebec
    Samual de Champlain
  23. wanted wealth and religion
    Queen Isobel
  24. Peaceful
  25. Montreal
    Royal Mountain
  26. Portugal needed to explore because they didn't have what?
    a Meditteranean Port
  27. sail around the world
  28. Spanish explorer
  29. French trappers
    Runners of the woods
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