NURS112 exam 1

  1. Relationship based health care focuses on what?
    emotional, physical, spiritual, and holistic health
  2. What questions would the nurse ask to determine the patients ADL?
    • What foods do you like to eat?
    • Do you have any allergies to medications?
    • Do you have any pain in your abdomen?
    • Do you need any assistance bathing?
  3. All health care workers protect themselves by wearing a surgical mask, and googles or face shield when?
    there is a reasonable chance that splash or spray of blood or body fluids may occur to the eyes, mouth or nose
  4. All healthcare workers protect themselves by wearing gloves when?
    touching blood, body fluid, non- intact skin, mucous membranes, contaminated items
  5. All healthcare workers protect themselves by wearing gowns when?
    there maybe risk of skin or clothing being exposed to blood or body fluids.
  6. Diseases that would use airborne precautions would be?
    tuberculosis, varicella (chickenpox), measles
  7. Equipment need for airborne precautions include?
    N95 respirator, negative air pressure isolation room
  8. Diseases associated with droplet precautions include?
    • bordetella pertussis
    • mycoplasma pneumonia
    • group a streptococcus
    • Neisseria meningitidis
  9. Equipment needed for droplet precautions include?
    • surgical mask
    • door closed
  10. Diseases associated with contact precautions includes?
    • (MRSA) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
    • (VRE) Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci
    • (c. diff) Clostridium difficile
  11. Equipment needed for contact precautions include?
    gown and gloves
  12. What precaution is needed for MRSA?
    contact precautions
  13. What precaution is needed for tuberculosis?
    airborne precautions
  14. What precaution is need for a patient with the measles?
    airborne precautions
  15. What precautions is needed for a patient with group a streptococcus?
    droplet precautions
  16. What precaution is need for a patient with neisseria meingintidis?
    droplet precautions.
  17. What precaution is need with a patient who has Vancomycin resistant enterococci?
    contact precautions
  18. A patient receiving a vaccine is utilizing what level of prevention?
    Primary prevention
  19. The nurse is caring for a paitent with an infectious drainage from an abdominal wound. The nurse would wear gloves and: a) gown b) n 95 respirator c) eye wear d) mask?
  20. What website would you access to determine the status of an ecoli outbreak in Mexico? a) b) c) d)
  21. What happens to the skin of an aging adult?
    loss of elastin, collagen, subcutaneous fat, reduction of muscle tone, wrinkling occurs, sweat glands decrease in number, senile purpura
  22. Some abnormalities with the skin include?
    Seborrheic kerotosis, and senile lentigines
  23. Dermatitis is? cause by?
    irritation of the skin which can be caused by allergies, insect bites, eczema
  24. What is subjective data?
    what the person says about himself or herself during history taking
  25. What is objective data?
    what you as the health professional observe by inspecting, percussing, palpating, and aucultating during the physical examination
  26. There are two method of percussion. Which method is the immediate striking hand that contacts the body wall?
    Direct percussion
  27. What method of percussion is used more often and involves both hands in which the striking hand is on contacts the stationary hand on the persons skin
    indirect percussion
  28. A loud or soft sound? (percussion) *loudness depends on the force of the blow and the structures ability to vibrate.
  29. The number of vibrations per second, written as cps or cycles per second. More rapid vibrations produce a high pitched tone; slower vibrations yield a lower pitched tone. This is what type of percussion?
  30. a subjective difference due to a sounds distinctive overtones. a pure tone is a sound of one frequency. Viariations within a sound wave produce overtones which allow you to distinguish a C on a piano from a C on a violin. Which percussion is this?
  31. the length of time the note lingers. What type of percussion is this?
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