Scarlet Letter

  1. Hypocrisy
    Pretending to be what one is not of to believe what one does not believe.
  2. Congenial
    Pleasent: existing together harmoniously.
  3. Perplexed
    Filled with uncertainly
  4. Vulnerable
    Open to attack or damadge
  5. Conformity
    correasponding in form, manner, or character: acting in a specified standard or authority.
  6. Rigidity
    Stiffness or inflexibility
  7. Impartial
    Treating everyone equal: fair
  8. Infamy
    Evil reputation: being pubicly know as evil
  9. Aloof
    Removed or distant in feeling.
  10. Competent
    Having adequitic ability or qualities.
  11. Predestined
    Determined or decided before hand.
  12. Alleviate
    To make more bearable: partially removed or corrected.
  13. Appease
    To bring to a state of peace or calm: to cause to subside.
  14. Atone
    To make amends: to supply satisifaction for.
  15. Evade
    To avoid facing up to: avoid performance of.
  16. Abhor
  17. Iniquity
    Gross injustice: wickedness.
  18. Constrain
    To restict the motion of: to hold back
  19. Scourge
    To whip: an instrument used for whipping.
  20. Ignominious
    Marked with or characterized by shame or disgrace "A".
  21. Impropriety
    The quality or state of being improper.
  22. Demeanor
    Behavior toward others: outward manner.
  23. Allegory
    A sybolic representation: sybolic fictional figures and actions taht reflect truths or generalization about human existence.
  24. Ambiguity
    Something that can be understood in 2 or more sense or ways.
  25. Parable
    A story told to teach a moral lesson.
  26. Allusion
    Reference to an earlier occurance: historical, biblical, literary.
  27. Irony
    Use of words or a situation to present the opposite meaning.
  28. Paradox
    A statement that may be true but seems to say 2 opposite things, a person or thing that seems to be full of contradictions.
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