Ch. 14 - Eyes

  1. Accommodation
    adaption of the eye for near vision by increasing the curvature of the lens
  2. Anisocria
    unequal pupil size
  3. Arcus senilis
    gray-white arc around the limbus of the iris that is common with aging
  4. Argyll Robertson pupil
    • pupil does not react to light
    • does constrict with accommodation
  5. Astigmatism
    refractive error of vision due to differences in curvature in refractive surfaces of the eye (cornea and lens)
  6. A-V crossing
    crossing paths of an artery and vein in the ocular fundus
  7. Bitemporal hemianopsia
    loss of both temporal visual fields
  8. Blepharitis
    • inflammation of the glands and eyelash follicles along the margin of the eyelids
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  9. Cataract
    Opacity of the lens of the eye that develops slowly with aging and gradually obstructs vision
  10. Chalazion
    • infection or retention cyst of a meibomian gland, showing as a beady nodule on the eyelid
    • a small bump in the eyelid caused by a blockage of a tiny oil gland.
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  11. Conjunctivitis
    • "pinkeye"
    • infection of the conjunctiva
  12. Cotton-wool area
    abnormal soft exudates visible as gray-white areas on the ocular fundus
  13. Cup-disc ratio
    ratio of the the width of the physiologic cup to the width of the optic disc, normally half or less
  14. OS
    • oculus sinister
    • LEFT eye
  15. OD
    • oculus dexter
    • RIGHT eye
  16. Presbyopia
    • decrease in power of accommodation that occurs with aging
    • farsighted
  17. Ptosis
    drooping of upper eyelid over the iris and possibly covering pupil
  18. Red Reflex
    red glow that appears to fill the person's pupil when first visualized thru the opthalmoscope
  19. Strabismus
    • squint, crossed eye
    • disparity of eye axes
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