Lab Diagnosis of Cancer

  1. define incisional biopsy
    portion of lesion taken for microscopic examination
  2. define excisional biopsy
    entire lesion was removed for microscopic examination
  3. define frozen section biopsy
    done at time of surgery. quick but prone to errors.
  4. define electron microscope biopsy
    requires special fixative and is useful in an extremely limited number of cases
  5. define fine needle aspiration biopsy
    useful in evaluating superficial and deep-seated masses
  6. define cytologic (papanicolaou) smears
    screening method for cervical cancer and HPV
  7. define immunocytochemistry
    specific antibody-guided detection of tumor-specific/assoc. antigens to determine classification of a tumor
  8. define flow cytometry
    routinely used in classifying leukemias and lymphomas. surface markers and dna ploidy analysis
  9. define biochemical assay
    looking for tumor-associated enzymes, hormones and other markers in the blood. prostate-specific antigen is a good exmaple.
  10. define molecular diagnosis
    use of FISH or PCR
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Lab Diagnosis of Cancer
various tests to diagnose cancer