Drexel Nurs112

  1. When a person is to attempt to shrug shoulders and turn head to each side while resisting
    examiner’s hands this is testing... What?
    Cranial Nerve XI (Spinal Accessory)
  2. The Sniff test examens which cranial nerve?
    Olfactory Nerve (CN I)
  3. Repeating "Light, Tight, Dynamite!" tests which Cranial Nerve?
    CN XII Hypoglossal
  4. The Fondoscopic exam tests which Cranial Nerve?
    Optic CN II
  5. When examining the mouth the soft palate and uvula rise when the patient says "AH." This displays proper function of which Cranial Nerve?
    CN X Vagus Nerve
  6. Testing downward and inner movement of the eye as well as corneal light reflection tests which Cranial Nerve?
    Trochlear (CN IV)
  7. Corneal Movement and Lateral movement of the eye tests which Cranial Nerve?
    Abducens CN VI
  8. The Gag Reflex tests which Cranial Nerve?
    Glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
  9. The Whisper test tests which Cranial Nerve?
    Acoutic CN VIII
  10. If the Preauricular Node is swollen.... what kind of infection may the patient have?
    Eye or Ear infection
  11. If the Postauricular node is swollen...what kind of infection may the patient have?
    Ear Infection
  12. If the Tonsiller node is swollen... what kind of infection may the patient have?
    Ear, Tonsillitis, or Throat Infection
  13. If the Submandibular nodes are swollen... what kind of infection may the patient have?
    Sinus infection or throat infection
  14. If the submental node is swollen...what kind of infection may the patient have?
    Dental Problem or infection of the mouth
  15. If a patient has a tumor on their pituitary gland, what is this disorder called? Symptoms?
    Acromegaly. Head becomes elongated and features become coarse.
  16. What is an allergic salute?
    • Permanent crease in nose from
    • having it be itchy...possibly from allergies
  17. Which abnormal facial finding is associated with Cushing's Syndrome?
    Moon like face
  18. Which 3 diseases did we talk about in class that require airborne precautions?
    TB, chicken pox, measles
  19. Name 3 airborne precautions.
    • Specialty room called an Airborne Infection Isolation Room
    • (AIIR) because it has negative air pressure with 6 to 12 air exchanges per hour

    • N­95 respirator
    • Door closed
  20. Name a disease that requires droplet precautions
    • Bordetella pertussis
    • Mycoplasma pneumoniae

    • Group A streptococcus
    • Neisseria meningitidis
  21. List 2 droplet precautions
    • surgical mask
    • door closed
  22. List 3 contact precaution associated diseases
    • MRSA
    • C.diff
    • VRE
  23. What are 2 contact precautions
    • Gloves
    • Gown
  24. What is Candida Albicans?
  25. Dysphagia?
    Difficulty Swallowing
  26. Kyphosis
    Hunch back
  27. Lichenification
    Thickening and hardening from continuous irritation
  28. Ischemic
    temporary deficiency of blood flow to an organ or tissue
  29. Keloid
    an exuberant scar that forms at the site of an injury and expands beyond the original borders
  30. Ecchymosis
    bleeding under the skin or a mucous membrane... a bruise
  31. Resonant
    hollow sounding
  32. tympanic
    hollow sounding... used to describe the condition of the lungs
  33. dull sounding
    used to describe the condition of the liver. not resonant
  34. Flat
    The sound one would hear when auscilating bone
  35. The function of lymph nodes
    -filter fluid before it is returned to the blood stream
  36. Function of the lymphatic system
    • conserves fluid and plasma proteins that leak out of capillaries
    • defends against disease
  37. Nosocomial infection
    acquired in a hospital, nursing home, or healthcare setting
  38. Straie
    • singulare stria
    • a line elevated above or depressed below surrounding tissue. different in color/texture
  39. wheal
    round and temporary elevation of the skin
  40. obtunded
    having diminished arousal or awareness as a result of intoxication, illness, infection, etc
  41. exopthalmus
    bulging of the eyes out of the orbit
  42. SOAPIE
    • a synonym for organized structure in a chart
    • PLAN
  43. PIE
    • problem oriented note
  44. DAR
    • DATA
    • ACTION
  45. A
    • asymmetry
    • border
    • color
    • diameter
    • elevation
  46. Presbyopia
    permanent loss of accommodation of the lens and is marked by the inability to focus on objects near to the eye
  47. Ptosis
    drooping/dropping of an organ part (ie the upper eye lid)

    "i gotta go ptosis!!!!!" hahahaaha jk guys....
  48. nodule
    cluster of cells
  49. nystagmus
    involuntary back and forth or cyclical movement of the eyes
  50. serosangunious
    containing or of the nature of serum and blood
  51. purrulent
    condition of forming/containing pus
  52. pustule
    a small elevated skin lesion filled with WBC and sometimes bacteria or broken down cells
  53. Petechia
    skin spot; usually small and purple and appear in pts with platelet deficiencies or in febrile illnesses
  54. diplopia
    double vision
  55. crepitus
    a crackling or rattling sound made by part of the body
  56. bullae
    large blisters or skin vesicle filled with fluid
  57. alopecia
    loss of hair
  58. stabismus
    cross eyed
  59. macule
    a freckle
  60. papilledema
    swelling of the optic nerve
  61. papule
    small bump or pimple
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