junior model

  1. every year
    book fair
    promote reading culture
    what do u think u can get in the book fair?

  2. Child holding?
    human size cusion
    focus lady picture
    my topic Click
  3. Good Morning
    my topic: Junior model
    - define
    - why people want to be
    - why well- known
    - influences
  4. First:
    what is ?
    different traditional
    Model is the one who is employed to display a product or fashion.
    Junior model: special term
    refer: young female models.
    young: below 23
  5. one on cushion
    me and you!
    different tradional
    seldom catwalk
    earn money: photo album, mass products
  6. More girls dream
    Do you want to be successful or famous? Do you,Kenny?
    what to do
    one, study
    or PIC
  7. imagine you are the beautiful girl there.
    fans, happy?
    If dun hv to study hard, work very hard
    be famous
    how could that be? CLICK
    simple: become junior model
    why girls HK dream to be junior model
  8. curious about wt make jm popular
    well known for appealing body shap
    sexy photo
    Chrissie chow's photo album
  9. many people bought
    sexually apealing. CLICK
    recent survey
    half of the interviewees
    reason buy products
    satisfy sexual wants
  10. people criticising
    sexy photo indecent
    let's move on to talk about influences on teen
  11. junior model affect teen
    major consumers
    young models are teen
    oriental daily claims that Junior model culture twist teenagers' values system.
    thoughts on sex and money
  12. idea of sex
    chrissie's photo Click BACK
    over the top?
    target readers
    many more
  13. popularized, more disscussion
    entertainment section newspaper
    talk about body shape CLICK
    Sing Tao Daily:
    E cup baby teach Renee to make Renee's breasts bigger by massage.
    E cup baby nickname meant hv size E breast young girl.
  14. commenting on other's body shape can be SEXUAL HARASSMENT.
    habit of newspaper
    teen wrong believe
    body shape acceptable topic
  15. Junior models become successful famous by showing off their body.
    wrong believe,
    success achieve without hard work
    easy to earn money
    show off body
    get something for nothing/ with little effort
  16. Sum up
    reason popular
    influences on teem
    clear picture on
    why appealling
    why you want to be
    Hope useful, questions?
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